Designing Wheelchair-Based Movement Games 10.1145/2724729 March 2015
Experiences of Someone with a Neuromuscular Disease in Operating a PC (and Ways to Successfully Overcome Challenges) 10.1145/2700436 March 2015
Haptic 3D Surface Representation of Table-Based Data for People With Visual Impairments 10.1145/2700433 March 2015
Making It Simplext: Implementation and Evaluation of a Text Simplification System for Spanish 10.1145/2738046 June 2015
Automatic Task Assistance for People with Cognitive Disabilities in Brushing Teeth - A User Study with the TEBRA System 10.1145/2579700 March 2014
People, sensors, decisions: Customizable and adaptive technologies for assistance in healthcare 10.1145/2395123.2395125 December 2012
Random Slicing: Efficient and Scalable Data Placement for Large-Scale Storage Systems 10.1145/2632230 July 2014
Efficient Discovery of the Most Interesting Associations 10.1145/2601433 June 2014
MDL4BMF: Minimum Description Length for Boolean Matrix Factorization 10.1145/2601437 October 2014
Summarizing data succinctly with the most informative itemsets 10.1145/2382577.2382580 December 2012
Reconstructing Graphs from Neighborhood Data 10.1145/2641761 October 2014
Constructing comprehensive summaries of large event sequences 10.1145/1631162.1631169 November 2009
A Framework for Computing the Privacy Scores of Users in Online Social Networks 10.1145/1870096.1870102 December 2010
Clustering high-dimensional data: A survey on subspace clustering, pattern-based clustering, and correlation clustering 10.1145/1497577.1497578 March 2009
Hierarchical Density Estimates for Data Clustering, Visualization, and Outlier Detection 10.1145/2733381 July 2015
RIC: Parameter-free noise-robust clustering 10.1145/1297332.1297334 December 2007
Strong loss tolerance of electronic coin systems 10.1145/253145.253282 May 1997
Distributed hash sketches: Scalable, efficient, and accurate cardinality estimation for distributed multisets 10.1145/1482619.1482621 February 2009
On the design of perturbation-resilient atomic commit protocols for mobile transactions 10.1145/2003690.2003691 August 2011
Adaptive Hybrid Compression for Wireless Sensor Networks 10.1145/2754932 December 2015
Rearchitecting the UML infrastructure 10.1145/643120.643123 October 2002
A new approach combining simulation and randomization for the analysis of large continuous time Markov chains 10.1145/280265.280274 April 1998
Statistical independence properties of inversive pseudorandom vectors over parts of the period 10.1145/280265.280271 April 1998
Performance and dependability evaluation of scalable massively parallel computer systems with conjoint simulation 10.1145/295251.295254 Oct. 1998
The weighted spectral test: diaphony 10.1145/272991.273008 Jan. 1998
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Pseudorandom vector generation by the inversive method 10.1145/175007.175015 April 1994
On the statistical independence of nonlinear congruential pseudorandom numbers 10.1145/174619.174622 Jan. 1994
Parallel Expanded Event Simulation of Tightly Coupled Systems 10.1145/2832909 January 2016
The Extrinsic Noise Effect on Lateral Inhibition Differentiation Waves 10.1145/2832908 February 2016
Replicated Computational Results (RCR) Report for “Automatic Moment-Closure Approximation of Spatially Distributed Collective Adaptive Systems” 10.1145/2893479 March 2016
Model Reconstruction for Moment-Based Stochastic Chemical Kinetics 10.1145/2699712 April 2015
Spatial-Temporal Modelling and Analysis of Bacterial Colonies with Phase Variable Genes 10.1145/2742546 April 2015
Site-Specific Models for Realistic Wireless Network Simulation 10.1145/2661630 January 2015
Intensional Couplings in Variable-Structure Models: An Exploration Based on Multilevel-DEVS 10.1145/2818641 January 2016
Automatic Runtime Adaptation for Component-Based Simulation Algorithms 10.1145/2821509 December 2015
SESSL: A domain-specific language for simulation experiments 10.1145/2567895 February 2014
Smoothed analysis of left-to-right maxima with applications 10.1145/2229163.2229174 July 2012
Tight approximation algorithms for scheduling with fixed jobs and nonavailability 10.1145/2229163.2229171 July 2012
Quasi-Polynomial Local Search for Restricted Max-Min Fair Allocation 10.1145/2818695 February 2016
Approximating Linear Threshold Predicates 10.1145/2141938.2141940 March 2012
I/O-efficient shortest path algorithms for undirected graphs with random or bounded edge lengths 10.1145/2229163.2229166 July 2012
Kernel(s) for problems with no kernel: On out-trees with many leaves 10.1145/2344422.2344428 September 2012
Exploring the Subexponential Complexity of Completion Problems 10.1145/2799640 September 2015
Algorithms and complexity for periodic real-time scheduling 10.1145/2390176.2390182 December 2012
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Approximating parameterized convex optimization problems 10.1145/2390176.2390186 December 2012
An approximation algorithm for scheduling malleable tasks under general precedence constraints 10.1145/1159892.1159899 July 2006
Pattern matching for arc-annotated sequences 10.1145/1125994.1125997 January 2006
A Complexity Dichotomy for Finding Disjoint Solutions of Vertex Deletion Problems 10.1145/1944857.1944860 March 2011
Approximate distance oracles for unweighted graphs in expectedO(n2) time 10.1145/1198513.1198518 October 2006
A simple entropy-based algorithm for planar point location 10.1145/1240233.1240240 May 2007
Rank-maximal matchings 10.1145/1198513.1198520 October 2006
Strongly stable matchings in timeO(nm) and extension to the hospitals-residents problem 10.1145/1240233.1240238 May 2007
Convergence time to Nash equilibrium in load balancing 10.1145/1273340.1273348 August 2007
Competitive buffer management for shared-memory switches 10.1145/1435375.1435378 November 2008
Energy-efficient algorithms for flow time minimization 10.1145/1290672.1290686 November 2007
Mechanism design for fractional scheduling on unrelated machines 10.1145/1721837.1721854 March 2010
Minimum cycle bases: Faster and simpler 10.1145/1644015.1644023 December 2009
Computing large matchings fast 10.1145/1868237.1868238 November 2010
Latency-constrained aggregation in sensor networks 10.1145/1644015.1644028 December 2009
Length-bounded cuts and flows 10.1145/1868237.1868241 November 2010
Low distortion spanners 10.1145/1644015.1644022 December 2009
Additive spanners and (α, β)-spanners 10.1145/1868237.1868242 November 2010
Randomized minimum spanning tree algorithms using exponentially fewer random bits 10.1145/1328911.1328916 March 2008
This side up! 10.1145/1150334.1150339 April 2006
Online scheduling of splittable tasks 10.1145/1125994.1125999 January 2006
On the online unit clustering problem 10.1145/1868237.1868245 November 2010
Clustering for metric and nonmetric distance measures 10.1145/1824777.1824779 August 2010
Testing Euclidean minimum spanning trees in the plane 10.1145/1367064.1367071 June 2008
Hierarchical bin buffering: Online local moments for dynamic external memory arrays 10.1145/1328911.1328925 March 2008
Reordering rows for better compression: Beyond the lexicographic order 10.1145/2338626.2338633 August 2012
A new approximation algorithm for the asymmetric TSP with triangle inequality 10.1145/1383369.1383378 August 2008
Smoothed Complexity Theory 10.1145/2656210 May 2015
AnO(n2.75) algorithm for incremental topological ordering 10.1145/1383369.1383370 August 2008
A simple improved distributed algorithm for minimum CDS in unit disk graphs 10.1145/1167935.1167941 August 2006
Approximation schemes for wireless networks 10.1145/1383369.1383380 August 2008
Approximation algorithms for a facility location problem with service capacities 10.1145/1383369.1383381 August 2008
Multipartite priority queues 10.1145/1435375.1435389 November 2008
Improved algorithms for weakly chordal graphs 10.1145/1240233.1240237 May 2007
Structure and linear-time recognition of 4-leaf powers 10.1145/1435375.1435386 November 2008
Polynomial kernels for dominating set in graphs of bounded degeneracy and beyond 10.1145/2390176.2390187 December 2012
Linear Kernels and Single-Exponential Algorithms Via Protrusion Decompositions 10.1145/2797140 February 2016
Improved Approximation Algorithms for Relay Placement 10.1145/2814938 February 2016
Optimal Partitioning for Dual-Pivot Quicksort 10.1145/2743020 February 2016
Principles of Robust Medium Access and an Application to Leader Election 10.1145/2635818 August 2014
Faster fixed parameter tractable algorithms for finding feedback vertex sets 10.1145/1159892.1159898 July 2006
Faster Parameterized Algorithms Using Linear Programming 10.1145/2566616 November 2014
Kernelization Lower Bounds Through Colors and IDs 10.1145/2650261 November 2014
Distortion is Fixed Parameter Tractable 10.1145/2489789 November 2013
Maximal biconnected subgraphs of random planar graphs 10.1145/1721837.1721847 March 2010
Maximizing the Minimum Load for Random Processing Times 10.1145/2651421 January 2015
Average Case and Distributional Analysis of Dual-Pivot Quicksort 10.1145/2629340 January 2015
Quasirandom Rumor Spreading 10.1145/2650185 November 2014
Distributed Selfish Load Balancing on Networks 10.1145/2629671 October 2014
On the hardness of losing weight 10.1145/2151171.2151182 April 2012
Approximating fractional hypertree width 10.1145/1721837.1721845 March 2010
Geometric clustering: Fixed-parameter tractability and lower bounds with respect to the dimension 10.1145/2000807.2000811 September 2011
Exponential Time Complexity of the Permanent and the Tutte Polynomial 10.1145/2635812 August 2014
Minimizing Movement: Fixed-Parameter Tractability 10.1145/2650247 November 2014
Interval Deletion Is Fixed-Parameter Tractable 10.1145/2629595 January 2015
Constraint Solving via Fractional Edge Covers 10.1145/2636918 October 2014
Directed Subset Feedback Vertex Set Is Fixed-Parameter Tractable 10.1145/2700209 June 2015
Fixed-Parameter Algorithms for Minimum-Cost Edge-Connectivity Augmentation 10.1145/2700210 June 2015
Parameterized Complexity and Kernelizability of Max Ones and Exact Ones Problems 10.1145/2858787 February 2016
Constant factor approximations for the hotlink assignment problem 10.1145/1921659.1921662 March 2011
On the Performance of Smith’s Rule in Single-Machine Scheduling with Nonlinear Cost 10.1145/2629652 June 2015
Ubiquitous device personalization and use: The next generation of IP multimedia communications 10.1145/1230812.1230818 May 2007
QoE-Based SVC Layer Dropping in LTE Networks Using Content-Aware Layer Priorities 10.1145/2754167 August 2015
Call for papers: ACM transactions on multimedia computing, communications and applications special issue on social media 10.1145/1823746.1837254 August 2010
Foreword to the special issue on multimedia sensor fusion 10.1145/1865106.1865108 November 2010
Towards attention-centered interfaces: An aesthetic evaluation of perspective with eye tracking 10.1145/1386109.1386111 August 2008
Automatic creation of photo books from stories in social media 10.1145/2037676.2037684 October 2011
Introduction to special issue on social media 10.1145/2037676.2037682 October 2011
Energy-efficient multicasting of multiview 3D videos to mobile devices 10.1145/2348816.2348824 September 2012
Introduction to special section on 3D mobile multimedia 10.1145/2348816.2348820 September 2012
Design and evaluation of a testbed for mobile TV networks 10.1145/2071396.2071399 January 2012
Spider: A system for finding 3D video copies 10.1145/2422956.2422963 February 2013
An analytical study of peer-to-peer media streaming systems 10.1145/1111604.1111607 November 2005
Authentication schemes for multimedia streams: Quantitative analysis and comparison 10.1145/1671954.1671960 February 2010
Using simulcast and scalable video coding to efficiently control channel switching delay in mobile tv broadcast networks 10.1145/1925101.1925103 February 2011
Statistical multiplexing of variable-bit-rate videos streamed to mobile devices 10.1145/1925101.1925107 February 2011
A framework for cross-layer optimization of video streaming in wireless networks 10.1145/1870121.1870126 January 2011
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Rate-distortion optimized streaming of fine-grained scalable video sequences 10.1145/1324287.1324289 January 2008
Depth Personalization and Streaming of Stereoscopic Sports Videos 10.1145/2890103 March 2015
ALP: Adaptive Loss Protection Scheme with Constant Overhead for Interactive Video Applications 10.1145/2656203 December 2014
Mobile Device-to-Device Video Distribution: Theory and Application 10.1145/2886776 March 2015
QoE-Based Cross-Layer Optimization for Uplink Video Transmission 10.1145/2801124 August 2015
Cross-lingual C*ST*RD: English access to Hindi information 10.1145/979872.979877 September 2003
Editorial 10.1145/2522990.2522991 October 2013
Editorial note and call for nominations: Nicolas D. Georganas best paper award 10.1145/2071396.2071397 January 2012
Editorial note 10.1145/2385603.2385604 November 2012
Evolution of temporal multimedia synchronization principles: A historical viewpoint 10.1145/2490821 October 2013
Guest editorial: the international ACM Multimedia conference 1993—ten years after 10.1145/1047936.1047939 February 2005
Obituary to our dear friend professor Dr. Nicolas D. Georganas, PhD. 10.1145/1865106.1865107 November 2010
Editorial notice 10.1145/2000486.2000487 August 2011
Multigranularity reuse of learning resources 10.1145/1870121.1870122 January 2011
Editorial Note 10.1145/1721837.1721838 March 2010
A personal look back at twenty years of research in multimedia content analysis 10.1145/2502434 October 2013
CamMark: Analyzing, Modeling, and Simulating Artifacts in Camcorder Copies 10.1145/2700295 February 2015
Logical, internal, and physical reference behavior in CODASYL database systems 10.1145/329.331 June 1984
Principles of database buffer management 10.1145/1994.2022 Dec. 1984
Compression via Matroids: A Randomized Polynomial Kernel for Odd Cycle Transversal 10.1145/2635810 August 2014
Clique Cover and Graph Separation: New Incompressibility Results 10.1145/2594439 May 2014
Tradeoffs and Average-Case Equilibria in Selfish Routing 10.1145/1867719.1867721 November 2010
On approximating multicriteria TSP 10.1145/2151171.2151180 April 2012
Using Parametric Transformations Toward Polynomial Kernels for Packing Problems Allowing Overlaps 10.1145/2786015 July 2015
Computing equilibria for a service provider game with (Im)perfect information 10.1145/1198513.1198524 October 2006
Tight bounds for worst-case equilibria 10.1145/1186810.1186814 February 2007
Economical Caching 10.1145/2493246.2493247 July 2013
Verifying proofs in constant depth 10.1145/2462896.2462898 May 2013
Observing SQL queries in their natural habitat 10.1145/2445583.2445586 April 2013
XLynx—An FPGA-based XML filter for hybrid XQuery processing 10.1145/2536800 November 2013
Uncertain Graph Processing through Representative Instances 10.1145/2818182 October 2015
Keyword search over relational tables and streams 10.1145/1567274.1567279 August 2009
Aggregate nearest neighbor queries in spatial databases 10.1145/1071610.1071616 June 2005
Progressive skyline computation in database systems 10.1145/1061318.1061320 March 2005
Cost models for overlapping and multiversion structures 10.1145/581751.581754 September 2002
Multiway spatial joins 10.1145/503099.503101 December 2001
Spatial queries in dynamic environments 10.1145/777943.777944 June 2003
Analysis of predictive spatio-temporal queries 10.1145/958942.958943 December 2003
Inference of concise regular expressions and DTDs 10.1145/1735886.1735890 April 2010
Towards a theory of search queries 10.1145/1862919.1862925 November 2010
Discovering XSD Keys from XML Data 10.1145/2638547 December 2014
On the expressiveness of implicit provenance in query and update languages 10.1145/1412331.1412340 November 2008
Learning Deterministic Regular Expressions for the Inference of Schemas from XML Data 10.1145/1841909.1841911 September 2010
The complexity of regular expressions and property paths in SPARQL 10.1145/2494529 November 2013
Incremental XPath evaluation 10.1145/1862919.1862926 November 2010
Expressiveness and complexity of XML Schema 10.1145/1166074.1166076 September 2006
Closed world data exchange 10.1145/1966385.1966392 May 2011
Technical Correspondence: “Differential Dependencies: Reasoning and Discovery” Revisited 10.1145/2757214 June 2015
Efficient reasoning about a robust XML key fragment 10.1145/1538909.1538912 June 2009
The implication problem of data dependencies over SQL table definitions: Axiomatic, algorithmic and logical characterizations 10.1145/2188349.2188355 May 2012
Strategies for query unnesting in XML databases 10.1145/1166074.1166081 September 2006
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Foreword 10.1145/1198513.1198514 October 2006
Probabilistic information retrieval approach for ranking of database query results 10.1145/1166074.1166085 September 2006
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Entangled queries: Enabling declarative data-driven coordination 10.1145/2338626.2338629 August 2012
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On the complexity of nonrecursive XQuery and functional query languages on complex values 10.1145/1189769.1189771 December 2006
ENFrame: A Framework for Processing Probabilistic Data 10.1145/2877205 March 2016
Dichotomies for Queries with Negation in Probabilistic Databases 10.1145/2877203 March 2016
Size Bounds for Factorised Representations of Query Results 10.1145/2656335 March 2015
Forward node-selecting queries over trees 10.1145/1206049.1206052 March 2007
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Rule-based optimization and query processing in an extensible geometric database system 10.1145/128903.128905 June 1992
Symbolic Trajectories 10.1145/2786756 November 2015
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Semantics-based concurrency control: beyond commutativity 10.1145/128765.128771 March 1992
Proxy-based acceleration of dynamically generated content on the world wide web: An approach and implementation 10.1145/1005566.1005571 June 2004
Asynchronous in-network prediction: Efficient aggregation in sensor networks 10.1145/1387663.1387671 August 2008
Flash-Optimized Temporal Indexing for Time-Series Data Storage on Sensor Platforms 10.1145/2526687 June 2014
Index scans using a finite LRU buffer: a validated I/O model 10.1145/68012.68016 Sept. 1989
Optimal policy for batch operations: backup, checkpointing, reorganization, and updating 10.1145/320557.320558 Sept. 1977
Differential files: their application to the maintenance of large databases 10.1145/320473.320484 Sept. 1976
Ontology-Based Data Access: A Study through Disjunctive Datalog, CSP, and MMSNP 10.1145/2661643 December 2014
Database hosting in strongly-typed programming languages 10.1145/3148.3327 March 1985
Data abstractions for database systems 10.1145/320064.320067 March 1979
Language features for flexible handling of exceptions in information systems 10.1145/4879.4995 Dec. 1985
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Finite representation of infinite query answers 10.1145/151634.151635 June 1993
Open commit protocols tolerating commission failures 10.1145/151634.151638 June 1993
Semantics and implementation of continuous sliding window queries over data streams 10.1145/1508857.1508861 April 2009
On computing temporal aggregates with range predicates 10.1145/1366102.1366109 June 2008
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Understanding the global semantics of referential actions using logic rules 10.1145/582410.582411 December 2002
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Cache investment: integrating query optimization and distributed data placement 10.1145/377674.377677 Dec. 2000
ACM TKDD special issue ACM SIGKDD 2007 and ACM SIGKDD 2008 10.1145/1631162.1631163 November 2009
Assessing data mining results via swap randomization 10.1145/1297332.1297338 December 2007
Clustering aggregation 10.1145/1217299.1217303 March 2007
Disjunctive datalog 10.1145/261124.261126 Sept. 1997
Discovering all most specific sentences 10.1145/777943.777945 June 2003
Accelerating XPath evaluation in any RDBMS 10.1145/974750.974754 March 2004
Update and retrieval in a relational database through a universal schema interface 10.1145/49346.49884 Dec. 1988
On the computation of relational view complements 10.1145/777943.777946 June 2003
Sampling Content from Online Social Networks: Comparing Random vs. Expert Sampling of the Twitter Stream 10.1145/2743023 June 2015
Analyzing and Mining Comments and Comment Ratings on the Social Web 10.1145/2628441 June 2014
Analyzing, Detecting, and Exploiting Sentiment in Web Queries 10.1145/2535525 December 2013
An environment for flexible advanced compensations of Web service transactions 10.1145/1346237.1346242 April 2008
A hybrid approach for efficient Web service composition with end-to-end QoS constraints 10.1145/2180861.2180864 May 2012
Adaptive quality of service management for enterprise services 10.1145/1326561.1326569 February 2008
Not quite the average: An empirical study of Web use 10.1145/1326561.1326566 February 2008
Methods for extracting place semantics from Flickr tags 10.1145/1462148.1462149 January 2009
Introduction to special issue on service oriented computing (SOC) 10.1145/1346337.1346338 April 2008
Modeling process-driven and service-oriented architectures using patterns and pattern primitives 10.1145/1281480.1281484 September 2007
Spotting laughter in natural multiparty conversations: A comparison of automatic online and offline approaches using audiovisual data 10.1145/2133366.2133370 March 2012
Introduction to the special issue on interaction with smart objects 10.1145/2499474.2499475 July 2013
Introduction to the special section on eye gaze and conversation 10.1145/2499474.2499479 July 2013
Content-based tag propagation and tensor factorization for personalized item recommendation based on social tagging 10.1145/2487164 January 2014
Introduction to the special issue on eye gaze in intelligent human-machine interaction 10.1145/2070719.2070720 January 2012
A statistical framework for query translation disambiguation 10.1145/1236181.1236185 December 2006
Supporting the Design of Machine Learning Workflows with a Recommendation System 10.1145/2852082 March 2016
Efficient Interactive Multiclass Learning from Binary Feedback 10.1145/2629631 October 2014
Introduction to the Special Issue on Machine Learning for Multiple Modalities in Interactive Systems and Robots 10.1145/2670539 October 2014
Introduction to the Special Issue on Interactive Computational Visual Analytics 10.1145/2594648 April 2014
Introduction to the Special Issue on Activity Recognition for Interaction 10.1145/2694858 January 2015
Context-Aware Automated Analysis and Annotation of Social Human--Agent Interactions 10.1145/2764921 July 2015
A Review and Taxonomy of Interactive Optimization Methods in Operations Research 10.1145/2808234 October 2015
A Process for Systematic Development of Symbolic Models for Activity Recognition 10.1145/2806893 January 2016
A Cross-Layer Approach to Measure the Robustness of Integrated Circuits 10.1145/2743022 September 2015
PROTON+: A Placement and Routing Tool for 3D Optical Networks-on-Chip with a Single Optical Layer 10.1145/2830716 March 2016
Embedding of Large Boolean Functions for Reversible Logic 10.1145/2786982 March 2016
Introduction to the Special Issue on Reversible Computation 10.1145/2663349 November 2014
ILP formulations for variation/defect-tolerant logic mapping on crossbar nano-architectures 10.1145/2491680 September 2013
Design and Analysis of a Robust Carbon Nanotube-Based Asynchronous Primitive Circuit 10.1145/2422094.2422098 February 2013
Application-independent defect tolerance of reconfigurable nanoarchitectures 10.1145/1167943.1167945 July 2006
Low-overhead defect tolerance in crossbar nanoarchitectures 10.1145/1543438.1543444 July 2009
Effect of the Active Layer on Carbon Nanotube-Based Cells for Yield Analysis 10.1145/2602157 May 2014
An Algorithm for Quantum Template Matching 10.1145/2629537 December 2014
Radio link quality estimation in wireless sensor networks: A survey 10.1145/2240116.2240123 September 2012
Dimensioning and worst-case analysis of cluster-tree sensor networks 10.1145/1824766.1824770 August 2010
Improved multicriteria spanners for Ad-Hoc networks under energy and distance metrics 10.1145/2489253.2489254 July 2013
Security model and framework for information aggregation in sensor networks 10.1145/1498915.1498919 March 2009
On the lifetime of wireless sensor networks 10.1145/1464420.1464425 February 2009
Monitoring Bats in the Wild: On Using Erasure Codes for Energy-Efficient Wireless Sensor Networks 10.1145/2875426 March 2016
Defending wireless sensor networks from radio interference through channel adaptation 10.1145/1387663.1387664 August 2008
Temporal privacy in wireless sensor networks: Theory and practice 10.1145/1614379.1614380 November 2009
On boundary recognition without location information in wireless sensor networks 10.1145/1754414.1754416 June 2010
On meeting lifetime goals and providing constant application quality 10.1145/1614379.1614388 November 2009
Location-Free Detection of Network Boundaries 10.1145/2795232 December 2015
Seamlessly portable applications: Managing the diversity of modern heterogeneous systems 10.1145/2086696.2086721 January 2012
A SIMD optimization framework for retargetable compilers 10.1145/1509864.1509866 March 2009
SSA-based mobile code: Implementation and empirical evaluation 10.1145/1250727.1250733 June 2007
Information flow tracking meets just-in-time compilation 10.1145/2541228.2555295 December 2013
Efficient hosted interpreters on the JVM 10.1145/2532642 February 2014
Multirow Boundary-Labeling Algorithms for Panorama Images 10.1145/2794299 August 2015
Using Template Matching to Infer Parallel Design Patterns 10.1145/2688905 January 2015
Mixed speculative multithreaded execution models 10.1145/2355585.2355591 September 2012
A compiler cost model for speculative parallelization 10.1145/1250727.1250732 June 2007
Fence Placement for Legacy Data-Race-Free Programs via Synchronization Read Detection 10.1145/2835179 January 2016
Generalized Task Parallelism 10.1145/2723164 April 2015
The Impact of the SIMD Width on Control-Flow and Memory Divergence 10.1145/2687355 January 2015
Stochastic progressive photon mapping 10.1145/1618452.1618487 December 2009
Guiding Novice Web Workers in Making Image Descriptions Using Templates 10.1145/2764916 November 2015
Write-N-Speak: Authoring Multimodal Digital-Paper Materials for Speech-Language Therapy 10.1145/2039339.2039341 November 2011
Modeling and improving security of a local disk system for write-intensive workloads 10.1145/1210596.1210598 November 2006
A file assignment strategy independent of workload characteristic assumptions 10.1145/1629075.1629079 November 2009
Reliability and security of RAID storage systems and D2D archives using SATA disk drives 10.1145/1044956.1044961 February 2005
Adaptive discriminant analysis for microarray-based classification 10.1145/1342320.1342325 March 2008
Fast Algorithms for Approximating the Singular Value Decomposition 10.1145/1921632.1921639 February 2011
Guest Editorial for Special Issue KDD’10 10.1145/2086737.2086738 February 2012
CORFU: A distributed shared log 10.1145/2535930 December 2013
Runtime identification of cache conflict misses: The adaptive miss buffer 10.1145/502912.502913 November 2001
Converting thread-level parallelism to instruction-level parallelism via simultaneous multithreading 10.1145/263326.263382 Aug. 1997
Effective cache prefetching on bus-based multiprocessors 10.1145/200912.201006 Feb. 1995
The McPAT Framework for Multicore and Manycore Architectures: Simultaneously Modeling Power, Area, and Timing 10.1145/2445572.2445577 April 2013
Scalable high-speed prefix matching 10.1145/502912.502914 November 2001
An architecture for packet-striping protocols 10.1145/329466.329471 Nov. 1999
Fault-tolerance in air traffic control systems 10.1145/233557.233559 Aug. 1996
Hypervisor-based fault tolerance 10.1145/225535.225538 Feb. 1996
Practical and low-overhead masking of failures of TCP-based servers 10.1145/1534909.1534911 May 2009
High-bandwidth data dissemination for large-scale distributed systems 10.1145/1328671.1328674 February 2008
Cumulus: Filesystem backup to the cloud 10.1145/1629080.1629084 December 2009
Improving Software Diagnosability via Log Enhancement 10.1145/2110356.2110360 February 2012
Eraser: a dynamic data race detector for multithreaded programs 10.1145/265924.265927 Nov. 1997
Inferring Internet denial-of-service activity 10.1145/1132026.1132027 May 2006
Consistent and automatic replica regeneration 10.1145/1044956.1044958 February 2005
TritonSort: A Balanced and Energy-Efficient Large-Scale Sorting System 10.1145/2427631.2427634 February 2013
The costs and limits of availability for replicated services 10.1145/1124153.1124156 February 2006
Design and evaluation of a conit-based continuous consistency model for replicated services 10.1145/566340.566342 August 2002
DieCast: Testing Distributed Systems with an Accurate Scale Model 10.1145/1963559.1963560 May 2011
Graph annotations in modeling complex network topologies 10.1145/1596519.1596522 October 2009
New directions in traffic measurement and accounting: Focusing on the elephants, ignoring the mice 10.1145/859716.859719 August 2003
Moshe: A group membership service for WANs 10.1145/566340.566341 August 2002
Enhancing RSSI-based tracking accuracy in wireless sensor networks 10.1145/2480730.2480732 May 2013
Guest editors' introduction to special issue on successes in modeling and simulation methodologies 10.1145/1391978.1391979 September 2008
FNM: An Enhanced Null-Message Algorithm for Parallel Simulation of Multicore Systems 10.1145/2735630 January 2016
A federated approach to distributed network simulation 10.1145/985793.985795 April 2004
Cloning parallel simulations 10.1145/508366.508370 October 2001
Efficient optimistic parallel simulations using reverse computation 10.1145/347823.347828 July 1999
Mechanisms for user-invoked retraction of events in time warp 10.1145/140765.214308 July 1991
Adaptive memory management and optimism control in time warp 10.1145/249204.249207 April 1997
Computing global virtual time in shared-memory multiprocessors 10.1145/268403.268404 Oct. 1997
A mixed reality approach for interactively blending dynamic models with corresponding physical phenomena 10.1145/1842722.1842727 October 2010
Algorithms for power savings 10.1145/1290672.1290678 November 2007
Anarchy Is Free in Network Creation 10.1145/2729978 February 2016
An eye localization, tracking and blink pattern recognition system: Algorithm and evaluation 10.1145/1671962.1671964 March 2010
Predictive real-time perceptual compression based on eye-gaze-position analysis 10.1145/1386109.1386116 August 2008
SIFT match verification by geometric coding for large-scale partial-duplicate web image search 10.1145/2422956.2422960 February 2013
Automatic summarization of music videos 10.1145/1142020.1142023 May 2006
Content-adaptive digital music watermarking based on music structure analysis 10.1145/1198302.1198303 February 2007
Mining flickr landmarks by modeling reconstruction sparsity 10.1145/2037676.2037688 October 2011
Scalable Object Retrieval with Compact Image Representation from Generic Object Regions 10.1145/2818708 March 2016
Robust and accurate mobile visual localization and its applications 10.1145/2491735 October 2013
CelebrityNet: A Social Network Constructed from Large-Scale Online Celebrity Images 10.1145/2801125 August 2015
Formula Caching in DPLL 10.1145/1714450.1714452 March 2010
Optimizing Batch Linear Queries under Exact and Approximate Differential Privacy 10.1145/2699501 June 2015
Boosting the Quality of Approximate String Matching by Synonyms 10.1145/2818177 October 2015
Transparent anonymization: Thwarting adversaries who know the algorithm 10.1145/1735886.1735887 April 2010
Range search on multidimensional uncertain data 10.1145/1272743.1272745 August 2007
Querying XML data sources that export very large sets of views 10.1145/1929934.1929939 March 2011
The part-time parliament 10.1145/279227.279229 May 1998
Concurrent reading and writing of clocks 10.1145/128733.128736 Nov. 1990
Distributed snapshots: determining global states of distributed systems 10.1145/214451.214456 Feb. 1985
A fast mutual exclusion algorithm 10.1145/7351.7352 Feb. 1987
Consensus on transaction commit 10.1145/1132863.1132867 March 2006
Spanner: Google’s Globally Distributed Database 10.1145/2491245 August 2013
Composition of mappings given by embedded dependencies 10.1145/1206049.1206053 March 2007
Compiling mappings to bridge applications and databases 10.1145/1412331.1412334 November 2008
Adaptive algorithms for set containment joins 10.1145/762471.762474 March 2003
Exporting and interactively querying Web service-accessed sources: The CLIDE System 10.1145/1292609.1292612 November 2007
Database partitioning in a cluster of processors 10.1145/3148.3161 March 1985
Vertical partitioning algorithms for database design 10.1145/1994.2209 Dec. 1984
Read-only transactions in a distributed database 10.1145/319702.319704 June 1982
Authority-based keyword search in databases 10.1145/1331904.1331905 March 2008
Incremental validation of XML documents 10.1145/1042046.1042050 December 2004
Hashing and trie algorithms for partial match retrieval 10.1145/320455.320469 June 1976
High-level programming features for improving the efficiency of a relational database system 10.1145/319587.319604 Sept. 1981
Associative searching in multiple storage units 10.1145/12047.12048 March 1987
Partial-match hash coding: benefits of redundancy 10.1145/320071.320079 June 1979
A dynamic framework for object projection views 10.1145/42201.42202 March 1988
Views and queries: Determinacy and rewriting 10.1145/1806907.1806913 July 2010
Comparing workflow specification languages: A matter of views 10.1145/2188349.2188352 May 2012
Artifact systems with data dependencies and arithmetic 10.1145/2338626.2338628 August 2012
Representing and querying XML with incomplete information 10.1145/1132863.1132869 March 2006
Simplification rules and complete axiomatization for relational update transactions 10.1145/111197.111208 Sept. 1991
The VideoMob Interactive Art Installation Connecting Strangers through Inclusive Digital Crowds 10.1145/2768208 July 2015
Resilient and adaptive performance logic 10.1145/2287696.2287705 August 2012
Indexing for summary queries: Theory and practice 10.1145/2508702 January 2014
Application-Specific Cross-Layer Optimization Based on Predictive Variable-Latency VLSI Design 10.1145/2746341 September 2015
A Framework for Hierarchical Ensemble Clustering 10.1145/2611380 November 2014
Comparative document summarization via discriminative sentence selection 10.1145/2362383.2362386 October 2012
Comparative Document Summarization via Discriminative Sentence Selection 10.1145/2435209.2435211 March 2013
Integrating Document Clustering and Multidocument Summarization 10.1145/1993077.1993078 August 2011
Recommending Users and Communities in Social Media 10.1145/2757282 October 2015
iConn: A Communication Infrastructure for Heterogeneous Computing Architectures 10.1145/2700238 April 2015
Adapting branch-target buffer to improve the target predictability of java code 10.1145/1071604.1071605 June 2005
Capacity- and energy-aware activation of sensor nodes for area phenomenon reproduction using wireless network transport 10.1145/2489253.2489269 July 2013
On the energy efficiency of cooperative communications in wireless sensor networks 10.1145/1653760.1653765 December 2009
Leveraging redundancy in sampling-interpolation applications for sensor networks: A spectral approach 10.1145/1824766.1824768 August 2010
Geodesic Fréchet distance inside a simple polygon 10.1145/1868237.1868247 November 2010
A Path-Based Distance for Street Map Comparison 10.1145/2729977 August 2015
A real-time remote rendering system for interactive mobile graphics 10.1145/2348816.2348825 September 2012
Making the Most of SMT in HPC: System- and Application-Level Perspectives 10.1145/2687651 January 2015
Hybrid checkpointing using emerging nonvolatile memories for future exascale systems 10.1145/1970386.1970387 July 2011
Improving System Energy Efficiency with Memory Rank Subsetting 10.1145/2133382.2133386 March 2012
A circuit-architecture co-optimization framework for exploring nonvolatile memory hierarchies 10.1145/2541228.2541230 December 2013
Endurance-aware cache line management for non-volatile caches 10.1145/2579671 February 2014
Efficient Data Mapping and Buffering Techniques for Multilevel Cell Phase-Change Memories 10.1145/2669365 January 2015
Cross-component energy management: Joint adaptation of processor and memory 10.1145/1275937.1275938 September 2007
ALP: Efficient support for all levels of parallelism for complex media applications 10.1145/1216544.1216546 March 2007
Hardware Fault Recovery for I/O Intensive Applications 10.1145/2656342 October 2014
Revisiting the Complexity of Hardware Cache Coherence and Some Implications 10.1145/2663345 January 2015
Path Planning of Data Mules in Sensor Networks 10.1145/1993042.1993043 August 2011
Speed control and scheduling of data mules in sensor networks 10.1145/1806895.1806899 August 2010
Programming models for sensor networks: A survey 10.1145/1340771.1340774 March 2008
Aging-Aware Compilation for GP-GPUs 10.1145/2778984 July 2015
Introduction 10.1145/1361203.1361204 May 2008
HAVEGE: A user-level software heuristic for generating empirically strong random numbers 10.1145/945511.945516 October 2003
Managing SMT resource usage through speculative instruction window weighting 10.1145/2019608.2019611 October 2011
SYRANT: SYmmetric resource allocation on not-taken and taken paths 10.1145/2086696.2086722 January 2012
A case for a complexity-effective, width-partitioned microarchitecture 10.1145/1162690.1162693 September 2006
A study of thread migration in temperature-constrained multicores 10.1145/1250727.1250729 June 2007
Speculative return address stack management revisited 10.1145/1455650.1455654 November 2008
Intercepting Functions for Memoization: A Case Study Using Transcendental Functions 10.1145/2751559 July 2015
Revisiting Clustered Microarchitecture for Future Superscalar Cores: A Case for Wide Issue Clusters 10.1145/2800787 October 2015
Efficient Out-of-Order Execution of Guarded ISAs 10.1145/2677037 January 2015
A way-halting cache for low-energy high-performance systems 10.1145/1061267.1061270 March 2005
Efficient hardware code generation for FPGAs 10.1145/1369396.1369402 May 2008
Generalized Optimal Response Time Retrieval of Replicated Data from Storage Arrays 10.1145/2491472.2491474 July 2013
Divide-and-conquer scheme for strictly optimal retrieval of range queries 10.1145/1629075.1629077 November 2009
Low-Cost Indoor Location Management for Robots Using IR Leds and an IR Camera 10.1145/2536713 June 2014
Edge-preserving multiscale image decomposition based on local extrema 10.1145/1618452.1618493 December 2009
Sibylle, An Assistive Communication System Adapting to the Context and Its User 10.1145/1361203.1361209 May 2008
Automatic Assessment of Speech Capability Loss in Disordered Speech 10.1145/2739051 June 2015
Automatic Detection of Phone-Based Anomalies in Dysarthric Speech 10.1145/2739050 June 2015
Evaluation of a Context-Aware Voice Interface for Ambient Assisted Living: Qualitative User Study vs. Quantitative System Evaluation 10.1145/2738047 July 2015
Closed patterns meetn-ary relations 10.1145/1497577.1497580 March 2009
Mining multidimensional and multilevel sequential patterns 10.1145/1644873.1644877 January 2010
The Next 700 BFT Protocols 10.1145/2658994 January 2015
Garbage collection for a client-server persistent object store 10.1145/320656.322741 Aug. 1999
Faults in Linux 2.6 10.1145/2619090 June 2014
Specialization tools and techniques for systematic optimization of system software 10.1145/377769.377778 May 2001
Fast and Portable Locking for Multicore Architectures 10.1145/2845079 January 2016
Gossip-based peer sampling 10.1145/1275517.1275520 August 2007
A case for hierarchical routing in low-power wireless embedded networks 10.1145/2240092.2240099 July 2012
Decentralized Network-Level Synchronization in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks 10.1145/2880223 March 2016
Throughput optimal total order broadcast for cluster environments 10.1145/1813654.1813656 July 2010
Generalized Halton sequences in 2008: A comparative study 10.1145/1596519.1596520 October 2009
Reducing parameter uncertainty for stochastic systems 10.1145/1122012.1122014 January 2006
An empirical evaluation of several methods to select the best system 10.1145/352222.352226 Oct. 1999
Guest editors' introduction to special issue on the first INFORMS simulation society research workshop 10.1145/1667072.1667073 January 2010
Discrete-event simulation optimization using ranking, selection, and multiple comparison procedures: A survey 10.1145/858481.858484 April 2003
Computational issues for accessibility in discrete event simulation 10.1145/229493.229509 Jan. 1996
Rare events, splitting, and quasi-Monte Carlo 10.1145/1225275.1225280 April 2007
Variance reduction applied to product form multiclass queuing networks 10.1145/268403.268419 Oct. 1997
Static Network Reliability Estimation under the Marshall-Olkin Copula 10.1145/2775106 January 2016
Balanced and Approximate Zero-Variance Recursive Estimators for the Network Reliability Problem 10.1145/2674914 January 2015
Asymptotic robustness of estimators in rare-event simulation 10.1145/1667072.1667078 January 2010
Particle Algorithms for Optimization on Binary Spaces 10.1145/2414416.2414424 January 2013
Small Variance Estimators for Rare Event Probabilities 10.1145/2414416.2414423 January 2013
On the validity of flow-level tcp network models for grid and cloud simulations 10.1145/2517448 October 2013
Evolutionary optimization of low-discrepancy sequences 10.1145/2133390.2133393 March 2012
Impacts of radio-identification on cryo-conservation centers 10.1145/2000494.2000500 August 2011
Structural and behavioral equivalence of simulation models 10.1145/132277.132281 Jan. 1992
The semi-regenerative method of simulation output analysis 10.1145/1147224.1147228 July 2006
Perwez Shahabuddin, 1962--2005: A professional appreciation 10.1145/1225275.1225277 April 2007
On the theoretical comparison of low-bias steady-state estimators 10.1145/1189756.1189760 January 2007
Empirical performance of bias-reducing estimators for regenerative steady-state simulations 10.1145/1029174.1029175 October 2004
Computing the distribution function of a conditional expectation via monte carlo: Discrete conditioning spaces 10.1145/937332.937334 July 2003
Regenerative steady-state simulation of discrete-event systems 10.1145/508366.508367 October 2001
Stationarity detection in the initial transient problem 10.1145/137926.137932 April 1992
Analysis of parallel replicated simulations under a completion time constraint 10.1145/102810.102811 Jan. 1991
Computing Bayesian Means Using Simulation 10.1145/2735631 January 2016
Guest Editors’ Introduction to Special Issue Honoring Donald L. Iglehart 10.1145/2822375 November 2015
On Transience and Recurrence in Irreducible Finite-State Stochastic Systems 10.1145/2699721 November 2015
Asymptotic Simulation Efficiency Based on Large Deviations 10.1145/2499913.2499919 July 2013
Limit Theorems for Simulation-Based Optimization via Random Search 10.1145/2499913.2499915 July 2013
Counting occurrences for a finite set of words: Combinatorial methods 10.1145/2229163.2229175 July 2012
Polynomial-time algorithms for minimum energy scheduling 10.1145/2229163.2229170 July 2012
How to meet asynchronously (almost) everywhere 10.1145/2344422.2344427 September 2012
Labeling schemes for vertex connectivity 10.1145/1721837.1721855 March 2010
Dynamic routing schemes for graphs with low local density 10.1145/1383369.1383372 August 2008
Label-guided graph exploration by a finite automaton 10.1145/1383369.1383373 August 2008
Competitive weighted throughput analysis of greedy protocols on DAGs 10.1145/1798596.1798603 June 2010
Exponential time algorithms for the minimum dominating set problem on some graph classes 10.1145/1644015.1644024 December 2009
Shortest vertex-disjoint two-face paths in planar graphs 10.1145/1921659.1921665 March 2011
Dissections, orientations, and trees with applications to optimal mesh encoding and random sampling 10.1145/1361192.1361196 May 2008
Melding priority queues 10.1145/1198513.1198517 October 2006
Maintaining information in fully dynamic trees with top trees 10.1145/1103963.1103966 October 2005
Black box for constant-time insertion in priority queues (note) 10.1145/1077464.1077471 July 2005
Discounted deterministic Markov decision processes and discounted all-pairs shortest paths 10.1145/1721837.1721849 March 2010
Roundtrip spanners and roundtrip routing in directed graphs 10.1145/1367064.1367069 June 2008
Compact name-independent routing with minimum stretch 10.1145/1367064.1367077 June 2008
On thek-Independence Required by Linear Probing and Minwise Independence 10.1145/2716317 February 2016
Union-Find with Constant Time Deletions 10.1145/2636922 October 2014
Average-case lower bounds for the plurality problem 10.1145/1367064.1367067 June 2008
Determining plurality 10.1145/1367064.1367066 June 2008
Average-case analysis of some plurality algorithms 10.1145/1497290.1497293 March 2009
Linear time 3-approximation for the MAST problem 10.1145/1497290.1497299 March 2009
Low-dimensional lattice basis reduction revisited 10.1145/1597036.1597050 October 2009
Efficient algorithms for bichromatic separability 10.1145/1150334.1150338 April 2006
Segmentation of Trajectories on Nonmonotone Criteria 10.1145/2660772 February 2016
Computing the Distance between Piecewise-Linear Bivariate Functions 10.1145/2847257 February 2016
Compressed representations of sequences and full-text indexes 10.1145/1240233.1240243 May 2007
Fully compressed suffix trees 10.1145/2000807.2000821 September 2011
Dynamic entropy-compressed sequences and full-text indexes 10.1145/1367064.1367072 June 2008
Fully Functional Static and Dynamic Succinct Trees 10.1145/2601073 June 2014
Alphabet-Independent Compressed Text Indexing 10.1145/2635816 August 2014
Optimal Lower and Upper Bounds for Representing Sequences 10.1145/2629339 June 2015
Fast and Compact Web Graph Representations 10.1145/1841909.1841913 September 2010
Delays Induce an Exponential Memory Gap for Rendezvous in Trees 10.1145/2438645.2438649 March 2013
Tree exploration with logarithmic memory 10.1145/1921659.1921663 March 2011
Deterministic Network Exploration by Anonymous Silent Agents with Local Traffic Reports 10.1145/2594581 November 2014
Gathering Despite Mischief 10.1145/2629656 October 2014
Time Complexity of Link Reversal Routing 10.1145/2644815 January 2015
A near-linear-time algorithm for computing replacement paths in planar directed graphs 10.1145/1824777.1824784 August 2010
Forbidden-Set Distance Labels for Graphs of Bounded Doubling Dimension 10.1145/2818694 February 2016
Localized spanner construction for ad hoc networks with variable transmission range 10.1145/1807048.1807054 September 2010
Mapping Simple Polygons: The Power of Telling Convex from Reflex 10.1145/2700223 June 2015
Modeling progressive mesh streaming: Does data dependency matter? 10.1145/1925101.1925105 February 2011
Compact and progressive plant models for streaming in networked virtual environments 10.1145/1556134.1556138 August 2009
Handling multiple points of view in a multimedia data warehouse 10.1145/1152149.1152152 August 06
GPSView: A scenic driving route planner 10.1145/2422956.2422959 February 2013
Identification of scene locations from geotagged images 10.1145/2422956.2422961 February 2013
Towards optimizing human labeling for interactive image tagging 10.1145/2501643.2501651 August 2013
Content-based multimedia information retrieval: State of the art and challenges 10.1145/1126004.1126005 February 2006
IMCE: Integrated media creation environment 10.1145/1083314.1083315 August 2005
ACM SIGMM retreat report on future directions in multimedia research 10.1145/1047936.1047938 February 2005
Classification with Streaming Features: An Emerging-Pattern Mining Approach 10.1145/2700409 June 2015
Detecting eye fixations by projection clustering 10.1145/1314303.1314308 December 2007
Bandwidth adaptation for 3D mesh preview streaming 10.1145/2537854 January 2014
Introduction to the special section of best papers of ACM multimedia 2011 10.1145/2348816.2348817 September 2012
APRICOD: An access-pattern-driven distributed caching middleware for fast content discovery of noncontinuous media access 10.1145/2457450.2457457 May 2013
Modeling the effect of user interactions on mesh-based P2P VoD streaming systems 10.1145/2457450.2457455 May 2013
Video quality for face detection, recognition, and tracking 10.1145/2000486.2000488 August 2011
Wireless Multicast for Zoomable Video Streaming 10.1145/2801123 August 2015
Automated Link Generation for Sensor-Enriched Smartphone Images 10.1145/2808209 October 2015
Introduction to the Special Issue on MMSys 2014 and NOSSDAV 2014 10.1145/2717509 February 2015
A Hamming Embedding Kernel with Informative Bag-of-Visual Words for Video Semantic Indexing 10.1145/2535938 April 2014
Detecting profilable and overlapping communities with user-generated multimedia contents in LBSNs 10.1145/2502415 December 2013
Optimal Selection of Adaptive Streaming Representations 10.1145/2700294 February 2015
Complexity Hierarchies beyond Elementary 10.1145/2858784 February 2016
Analysis of Schemas with Access Restrictions 10.1145/2699500 March 2015
Learning Join Queries from User Examples 10.1145/2818637 February 2016
Algebraic incremental maintenance of XML views 10.1145/2508020.2508021 August 2013
Almost-linear inclusion for XML regular expression types 10.1145/2508020.2508022 August 2013
Optimizing XML querying using type-based document projection 10.1145/2445583.2445587 April 2013
Validating XML documents in the streaming model with external memory 10.1145/2504590 November 2013
Query-preserving watermarking of relational databases and Xml documents 10.1145/1929934.1929937 March 2011
Collaborative personalized top-k processing 10.1145/2043652.2043659 December 2011
Capturing continuous data and answering aggregate queries in probabilistic XML 10.1145/2043652.2043658 December 2011
Efficient reasoning about data trees via integer linear programming 10.1145/2338626.2338632 August 2012
LH*RS---a highly-available scalable distributed data structure 10.1145/1093382.1093386 September 2005
Exchanging intensional XML data 10.1145/1061318.1061319 March 2005
On the effect of join operations on relation sizes 10.1145/76902.76907 Dec. 1989
The partition model: a deductive database model 10.1145/12047.22718 March 1987
Naïve Evaluation of Queries over Incomplete Databases 10.1145/2691190.2691194 December 2014
Join and Semijoin Algorithms for a Multiprocessor Database Machine 10.1145/348.318590 March 1984
New file organization based on dynamic hashing 10.1145/319540.319564 March 1981
Update semantics of relational views 10.1145/319628.319634 Dec. 1981
Decompositions and functional dependencies in relations 10.1145/320610.320620 Dec.
GlOSS: text-source discovery over the Internet 10.1145/320248.320252 June 1999
Join indices 10.1145/22952.22955 June 1987
Transaction chopping: algorithms and performance studies 10.1145/211414.211427 Sept. 1995
A declarative approach to optimize bulk loading into databases 10.1145/1005566.1005567 June 2004
Tracking Web spam with HTML style similarities 10.1145/1326561.1326564 February 2008
Extraction and classification of dense implicit communities in the Web graph 10.1145/1513876.1513879 April 2009
Discovering Best Teams for Data Leak-Aware Crowdsourcing in Social Networks 10.1145/2814573 February 2016
Introduction to the special issue on affective interaction in natural environments 10.1145/2133366.2133367 March 2012
Embodying services into physical places: Toward the design of a mobile environment browser 10.1145/2499474.2499477 July 2013
Fluid gesture interaction design: Applications of continuous recognition for the design of modern gestural interfaces 10.1145/2543921 January 2014
Automatic Classification of Leading Interactions in a String Quartet 10.1145/2818739 March 2016
Adaptive Gesture Recognition with Variation Estimation for Interactive Systems 10.1145/2643204 January 2015
Interactive Visuals as Metaphors for Dance Movement Qualities 10.1145/2738219 October 2015
Energy-Neutral Design Framework for Supercapacitor-Based Autonomous Wireless Sensor Networks 10.1145/2787512 August 2015
Spintronics: Emerging Ultra-Low-Power Circuits and Systems beyond MOS Technology 10.1145/2663351 August 2015
Robust learning approach for neuro-inspired nanoscale crossbar architecture 10.1145/2539123 January 2014
On-Chip Universal Supervised Learning Methods for Neuro-Inspired Block of Memristive Nanodevices 10.1145/2629503 April 2015
Effect of process variations in 3D global clock distribution networks 10.1145/2287696.2287703 August 2012
Cell transformations and physical design techniques for 3D monolithic integrated circuits 10.1145/2491675 September 2013
A Survey on Low-Power Techniques with Emerging Technologies: From Devices to Systems 10.1145/2714566 August 2015
System Level Benchmarking with Yield-Enhanced Standard Cell Library for Carbon Nanotube VLSI Circuits 10.1145/2600073 May 2014
Fully Binary Neural Network Model and Optimized Hardware Architectures for Associative Memories 10.1145/2629510 April 2015
Randomly Spiking Dynamic Neural Fields 10.1145/2629517 April 2015
Real-time video content analysis: QoS-aware application composition and parallel processing 10.1145/1142020.1142024 May 2006
Optimizing sensor network reprogramming via in situ reconfigurable components 10.1145/2422966.2422971 March 2013
A security framework for privacy-preserving data aggregation in wireless sensor networks 10.1145/1921621.1921623 February 2011
Efficient and provably secure aggregation of encrypted data in wireless sensor networks 10.1145/1525856.1525858 May 2009
Understanding overlay characteristics of a large-scale peer-to-peer IPTV system 10.1145/1865106.1865115 November 2010
3DTI Amphitheater: Towards 3DTI Broadcasting 10.1145/2700297 February 2015
A framework for time indexing in sensor networks 10.1145/1077391.1077396 August 2005
Adaptive probability-based broadcast forwarding in energy-saving sensor networks 10.1145/1340771.1340772 March 2008
Authentication and integrity in outsourced databases 10.1145/1149976.1149977 May 2006
A new approach to secure logging 10.1145/1502777.1502779 March 2009
Self-healing in unattended wireless sensor networks 10.1145/2379799.2379806 November 2012
Analysis of Deterministic Tracking of Multiple Objects Using a Binary Sensor Network 10.1145/1993042.1993050 August 2011
Convex Partitioning of Large-Scale Sensor Networks in Complex Fields: Algorithms and Applications 10.1145/2594772 April 2014
Connectivity-based and anchor-free localization in large-scale 2D/3D sensor networks 10.1145/2529976 November 2013
Optimizing explicit data transfers for data parallel applications on the cell architecture 10.1145/2086696.2086716 January 2012
Integer affine transformations of parametric ℤ-polytopes and applications to loop nest optimization 10.1145/2207222.2207224 June 2012
A decoupled local memory allocator 10.1145/2400682.2400693 January 2013
Vectorization technology to improve interpreter performance 10.1145/2400682.2400685 January 2013
API compilation for image hardware accelerators 10.1145/2400682.2400708 January 2013
Quantifying loop nest locality using SPEC'95 and the perfect benchmarks 10.1145/329466.329484 Nov. 1999
A Small-Footprint Accelerator for Large-Scale Neural Networks 10.1145/2701417 June 2015
Deconstructing iterative optimization 10.1145/2355585.2355594 September 2012
Collective optimization: A practical collaborative approach 10.1145/1880043.1880047 December 2010
Practical Iterative Optimization for the Data Center 10.1145/2739048 July 2015
Performance Portability Across Heterogeneous SoCs Using a Generalized Library-Based Approach 10.1145/2608253 June 2014
TRIFL: A Generic Trajectory Index for Flash Storage 10.1145/2786758 November 2015
Splitting Arabic Texts into Elementary Discourse Units 10.1145/2601401 June 2014
Efficient Data Encoding for Convolutional Neural Network application 10.1145/2685394 January 2015
Predicate-aware, makespan-preserving software pipelining of scheduling tables 10.1145/2579676 February 2014
Multiprogram Throughput Metrics: A Systematic Approach 10.1145/2663346 October 2014
Improved loop tiling based on the removal of spurious false dependences 10.1145/2400682.2400711 January 2013
OpenStream: Expressiveness and data-flow compilation of OpenMP streaming programs 10.1145/2400682.2400712 January 2013
Polyhedral parallel code generation for CUDA 10.1145/2400682.2400713 January 2013
Topology-Aware and Dependence-Aware Scheduling and Memory Allocation for Task-Parallel Languages 10.1145/2641764 October 2014
Compiler/Runtime Framework for Dynamic Dataflow Parallelization of Tiled Programs 10.1145/2687652 January 2015
BPM/BPM+: Software-based dynamic memory partitioning mechanisms for mitigating DRAM bank-/channel-level interferences in multicore systems 10.1145/2579672 February 2014
Using machine learning to improve automatic vectorization 10.1145/2086696.2086729 January 2012
Beyond reuse distance analysis: Dynamic analysis for characterization of data locality potential 10.1145/2541228.2555309 December 2013
On Using the Roofline Model with Lower Bounds on Data Movement 10.1145/2693656 January 2015
Polyhedral parallelization of binary code 10.1145/2086696.2086718 January 2012
The Polyhedral Model of Nonlinear Loops 10.1145/2838734 January 2016
CERE: LLVM-Based Codelet Extractor and REplayer for Piecewise Benchmarking and Optimization 10.1145/2724717 April 2015
Extendable pattern-oriented optimization directives 10.1145/2355585.2355587 September 2012
Layout-oblivious compiler optimization for matrix computations 10.1145/2400682.2400694 January 2013
Noise brush: interactive high quality image-noise separation 10.1145/1618452.1618492 December 2009
A Write-Aware STTRAM-Based Register File Architecture for GPGPU 10.1145/2700230 July 2015
Preventing STT-RAM Last-Level Caches from Port Obstruction 10.1145/2633046 October 2014
Building and Optimizing MRAM-Based Commodity Memories 10.1145/2667105 January 2015
File system virtual appliances: Portable file system implementations 10.1145/2339118.2339120 September 2012
A security architecture for fault-tolerant systems 10.1145/195792.195823 Nov. 1994
Pyramid Codes: Flexible Schemes to Trade Space for Access Efficiency in Reliable Data Storage Systems 10.1145/2435204.2435207 March 2013
Zoned-RAID 10.1145/1227835.1227836 March 2007
Efficient disk replacement and data migration algorithms for large disk subsystems 10.1145/1084779.1084781 August 2005
ISP-friendly P2P live streaming: A roadmap to realization 10.1145/2089085.2089088 February 2012
Privacy preserving continuous multimedia streaming in MANETs 10.1145/2501643.2501645 August 2013
Distributed musical performances: Architecture and stream management 10.1145/1352012.1352018 May 2008
Introduction to the special issue of best papers of ACM MMSys 2013 and ACM NOSSDAV 2013 10.1145/2557424 January 2014
Spatial-Temporal Tag Mining for Automatic Geospatial Video Annotation 10.1145/2658981 December 2014
Aesthetics-Guided Summarization from Multiple User Generated Videos 10.1145/2659520 December 2014
Content vs. Context: Visual and Geographic Information Use in Video Landmark Retrieval 10.1145/2700287 January 2015
Efficient Geo-Fencing via Hybrid Hashing: A Combination of Bucket Selection and In-Bucket Binary Search 10.1145/2774219 November 2015
A Hybrid Approach to Failed Disk Recovery Using RAID-6 Codes: Algorithms and Performance Evaluation 10.1145/2027066.2027071 October 2011
STAIR Codes: A General Family of Erasure Codes for Tolerating Device and Sector Failures 10.1145/2658991 October 2014
Efficient Hybrid Inline and Out-of-Line Deduplication for Backup Storage 10.1145/2641572 February 2015
Ranking Metric Anomaly in Invariant Networks 10.1145/2601436 June 2014
Toward Personalized Context Recognition for Mobile Users: A Semisupervised Bayesian HMM Approach 10.1145/2629504 November 2014
Occupancy-Based Frequent Pattern Mining* 10.1145/2753765 October 2015
User behavior learning and transfer in composite social networks 10.1145/2556613 February 2014
Individual Judgments Versus Consensus: Estimating Query-URL Relevance 10.1145/2834122 February 2016
Activity recognition via user-trace segmentation 10.1145/1387663.1387665 August 2008
Anomaly Detection from Incomplete Data 10.1145/2629668 November 2014
Efficiently Estimating Motif Statistics of Large Networks 10.1145/2629564 November 2014
Unbiased Characterization of Node Pairs over Large Graphs 10.1145/2700393 April 2015
Mathematical Modeling and Analysis of Product Rating with Partial Information 10.1145/2700386 June 2015
A revenue-rewarding scheme of providing incentive for cooperative proxy caching for media streaming systems 10.1145/1324287.1324292 January 2008
Mining periodic patterns with gap requirement from sequences 10.1145/1267066.1267068 August 2007
Learning bayesian networks from Markov random fields: An efficient algorithm for linear models 10.1145/2362383.2362384 October 2012
GBAGC: A General Bayesian Framework for Attributed Graph Clustering 10.1145/2629616 October 2014
Triangle listing in massive networks 10.1145/2382577.2382581 December 2012
Efficient query processing on graph databases 10.1145/1508857.1508859 April 2009
Finding maximal cliques in massive networks 10.1145/2043652.2043654 December 2011
Correlated pattern mining in quantitative databases 10.1145/1386118.1386120 August 2008
Efficient online learning for multitask feature selection 10.1145/2499907.2499909 July 2013
A Regularization Approach to Learning Task Relationships in Multitask Learning 10.1145/2538028 June 2014
Multilabel relationship learning 10.1145/2499907.2499910 July 2013
Introduction to special issue on bioinformatics 10.1145/1342320.1342321 March 2008
Efficient algorithms for genome-wide association study 10.1145/1631162.1631167 November 2009
TKDD Special Issue SIGKDD 2009 10.1145/1857947.1857948 October 2010
BEVA: An Efficient Query Processing Algorithm for Error-Tolerant Autocompletion 10.1145/2877201 March 2016
Asymmetric signature schemes for efficient exact edit similarity query processing 10.1145/2508020.2508023 August 2013
Efficient similarity joins for near-duplicate detection 10.1145/2000824.2000825 August 2011
Towards multidimensional subspace skyline analysis 10.1145/1189769.1189774 December 2006
ReSense: Mapping dynamic workloads of colocated multithreaded applications using resource sensitivity 10.1145/2541228.2555298 December 2013
Centralized and Distributed Anonymization for High-Dimensional Healthcare Data 10.1145/1857947.1857950 October 2010
Introduction to Special Issue on Large-Scale Data Mining 10.1145/1921632.1921633 February 2011
Eliminating synchronization overhead in automatically parallelized programs using dynamic feedback 10.1145/312203.312210 May 1999
Effective fine-grain synchronization for automatically parallelized programs using optimistic synchronization primitives 10.1145/329466.329486 Nov. 1999
Analysis of benchmark characteristics and benchmark performance prediction 10.1145/235543.235545 Nov. 1996
Disk cache—miss ratio analysis and design considerations 10.1145/3959.3961 Aug. 1985
Real-time computing with lock-free shared objects 10.1145/253145.253159 May 1997
Sequential consistency versus linearizability 10.1145/176575.176576 May 1994
Locking under Pfair scheduling 10.1145/1132026.1132028 May 2006
How heavy-tailed distributions affect simulation-generated time averages 10.1145/1138464.1138467 April 2006
Automated container transport system between inland port and terminals 10.1145/1138464.1138465 April 2006
Replicated batch means variance estimators in the presence of an initial transient 10.1145/1176249.1176250 October 2006
To batch or not to batch? 10.1145/974734.974738 January 2004
ASAP3: a batch means procedure for steady-state simulation analysis 10.1145/1044322.1044325 January 2005
Confidence intervals using orthonormally weighted standardized time series 10.1145/352222.352223 Oct. 1999
Variance estimation and sequential stopping in steady-state simulations using linear regression 10.1145/2567907 February 2014
Performance of folded variance estimators for simulation 10.1145/1842713.1842714 September 2010
Control variates for screening, selection, and estimation of the best 10.1145/1122012.1122015 January 2006
A framework for locally convergent random-search algorithms for discrete optimization via simulation 10.1145/1276927.1276932 September 2007
A combined procedure for optimization via simulation 10.1145/858481.858485 April 2003
Modeling and generating multivariate time-series input processes using a vector autoregressive technique 10.1145/937332.937333 July 2003
A fully sequential procedure for indifference-zone selection in simulation 10.1145/502109.502111 July 2001
Robust multiple comparisons under common random numbers 10.1145/174153.174158 July 1993
Multiple comparisons with the best for steady-state simulation 10.1145/151527.151551 Jan. 1993
Moving Least Squares Regression for High-Dimensional Stochastic Simulation Metamodeling 10.1145/2724708 February 2016
The effects of common random numbers on stochastic kriging metamodels 10.1145/2133390.2133391 March 2012
Industrial strength COMPASS: A comprehensive algorithm and software for optimization via simulation 10.1145/1667072.1667075 January 2010
Modeling train movements through complex rail networks 10.1145/974734.974737 January 2004
Bounds and approximations for self-initiating distributed simulation without lookahead 10.1145/130611.130615 Oct. 1991
The mean square discrepancy of randomized nets 10.1145/240896.240909 Oct. 1996
A Cross-Entropy Scheme for Mixtures 10.1145/2685030 January 2015
Monte Carlo Methods for Value-at-Risk and Conditional Value-at-Risk: A Review 10.1145/2661631 August 2014
Comparison with a standard via fully sequential procedures 10.1145/1060576.1060579 April 2005
Selection Procedures for Simulations with Multiple Constraints under Independent and Correlated Sampling 10.1145/2567921 May 2014
Guest Editors' Introduction to Special Issue on the 2012 NSF workshop 10.1145/2676546 August 2014
Finding feasible systems in the presence of constraints on multiple performance measures 10.1145/1842713.1842716 September 2010
The double CFTP method 10.1145/1899396.1899398 February 2011
Modeling the interactions between MAC and higher layer: A systematic approach to generate high-level scenarios from MAC-layer scenarios 10.1145/1870085.1870092 December 2010
Scalably scheduling processes with arbitrary speedup curves 10.1145/2229163.2229172 July 2012
Speed Scaling with an Arbitrary Power Function 10.1145/2438645.2438650 March 2013
A maiden analysis of longest wait first 10.1145/1077464.1077467 July 2005
Cake cutting really is not a piece of cake 10.1145/2000807.2000819 September 2011
Getting the best response for your erg 10.1145/1367064.1367078 June 2008
Algorithms and metrics for processing multiple heterogeneous continuous queries 10.1145/1331904.1331909 March 2008
A compact routing scheme and approximate distance oracle for power-law graphs 10.1145/2390176.2390180 December 2012
When indexing equals compression: Experiments with compressing suffix arrays and applications 10.1145/1198513.1198521 October 2006
Adaptive rank-aware query optimization in relational databases 10.1145/1189769.1189772 December 2006
Analysis of new variants of coalesced hashing 10.1145/1994.2205 Dec. 1984
Compressed indexes for dynamic text collections 10.1145/1240233.1240244 May 2007
The Knuth-Yao quadrangle-inequality speedup is a consequence of total monotonicity 10.1145/1644015.1644032 December 2009
Optimizing throughput and energy in online deadline scheduling 10.1145/1644015.1644025 December 2009
Fast asynchronous Byzantine agreement and leader election with full information 10.1145/1824777.1824788 August 2010
Computing the inverse sort transform in linear time 10.1145/1921659.1921673 March 2011
Discovering almost any hidden motif from multiple sequences 10.1145/1921659.1921672 March 2011
A new upper bound 2.5545 on 2D Online Bin Packing 10.1145/2000807.2000818 September 2011
A Reconfigurable Digital Neuromorphic Processor with Memristive Synaptic Crossbar for Cognitive Computing 10.1145/2700234 April 2015
A polynomial-time approximation scheme for embedding hypergraph in a cycle 10.1145/1497290.1497296 March 2009
Achieving anonymity via clustering 10.1145/1798596.1798602 June 2010
Approximation algorithms for data placement on parallel disks 10.1145/1597036.1597037 October 2009
Online Optimization with Uncertain Information 10.1145/2071379.2071381 January 2012
Price-based protocols for fair resource allocation: Convergence time analysis and extension to leontief utilities 10.1145/2556949 February 2014
Fast Convergence for Consensus in Dynamic Networks 10.1145/2601072 June 2014
Algebraic Algorithms for Linear Matroid Parity Problems 10.1145/2601066 June 2014
Efficient matchings and mobile augmented reality 10.1145/2348816.2348826 September 2012
Auction-based P2P VoD streaming: Incentives and optimal scheduling 10.1145/2089085.2089091 February 2012
Object co-location and memory reuse for Java programs 10.1145/1328195.1328199 January 2008
Quality of data delivery in peer-to-peer video streaming 10.1145/2089085.2089089 February 2012
Diagnosing network-wide P2P live streaming inefficiencies 10.1145/2089085.2089090 February 2012
Exploring large-scale peer-to-peer live streaming topologies 10.1145/1386109.1386112 August 2008
Interactive partner control in close interactions for real-time applications 10.1145/2487268.2487274 June 2013
Propagation-based social-aware multimedia content distribution 10.1145/2523001.2523005 October 2013
Bilateral Correspondence Model for Words-and-Pictures Association in Multimedia-Rich Microblogs 10.1145/2611388 June 2014
An open architecture for transport-level protocol coordination in distributed multimedia applications 10.1145/1236471.1236476 August 2007
Real-time multidepth stream compression 10.1145/1062253.1062255 May 2005
The berkeley software MPEG-1 video decoder 10.1145/1047936.1047944 February 2005
Looking forward 10 years to multimedia successes 10.1145/2490825 October 2013
High performance many-to-many intranet screen sharing with DisplayCast 10.1145/2534328 February 2014
Game-on-demand:: An online game engine based on geometry streaming 10.1145/2000486.2000493 August 2011
Image label completion by pursuing contextual decomposability 10.1145/2168996.2169001 May 2012
Label-to-region with continuity-biased bi-layer sparsity priors 10.1145/2379790.2379792 November 2012
Image retrieval with query-adaptive hashing 10.1145/2422956.2422958 February 2013
Towards decrypting attractiveness via multi-modality cues 10.1145/2501643.2501650 August 2013
Robust image annotation via simultaneous feature and sample outlier pursuit 10.1145/2501643.2501646 August 2013
Near-duplicate keyframe retrieval by semi-supervised learning and nonrigid image matching 10.1145/1870121.1870125 January 2011
Video accessibility enhancement for hearing-impaired users 10.1145/2037676.2037681 October 2011
Large-scale multilabel propagation based on efficient sparse graph construction 10.1145/2542205.2542209 December 2013
Circle & Search: Attribute-Aware Shoe Retrieval 10.1145/2632165 August 2014
“Wow! You Are So Beautiful Today!” 10.1145/2659234 September 2014
Attribute-Augmented Semantic Hierarchy: Towards a Unified Framework for Content-Based Image Retrieval 10.1145/2637291 September 2014
Domical cooperative caching for streaming media in wireless home networks 10.1145/2043612.2043618 November 2011
Incorporating feature hierarchy and boosting to achieve more effective classifier training and concept-oriented video summarization and skimming 10.1145/1324287.1324288 January 2008
Invisible watermarking based on creation and robust insertion-extraction of image adaptive watermarks 10.1145/1413862.1413865 November 2008
Offering data confidentiality for multimedia overlay multicast: Design and analysis 10.1145/1413862.1413866 November 2008
Nuisance level of a voice call 10.1145/1404880.1404886 October 2008
SAfeDJ: A Crowd-Cloud Codesign Approach to Situation-Aware Music Delivery for Drivers 10.1145/2808201 October 2015
Vigilante: End-to-end containment of Internet worm epidemics 10.1145/1455258.1455259 December 2008
Introduction to: Special Issue on Smartphone-Based Interactive Technologies, Systems, and Applications 10.1145/2820398 October 2015
Convergence of interactive displays with smart mobile devices for effective advertising: A survey 10.1145/2557450 February 2014
Overload traffic management for sensor networks 10.1145/1281492.1281493 October 2007
Dynamic load balancing in distributed virtual environments using heat diffusion 10.1145/2499906 February 2014
Opinion Question Answering by Sentiment Clip Localization 10.1145/2818711 March 2016
Placing Videos on a Semantic Hierarchy for Search Result Navigation 10.1145/2578394 June 2014
Speaker-Following Video Subtitles 10.1145/2632111 December 2014
NBTI-aware circuit node criticality computation 10.1145/2491681 September 2013
Detecting malicious nodes in peer-to-peer streaming by peer-based monitoring 10.1145/1671962.1671965 March 2010
Beyond 1Mbps Global Overlay Live Streaming: The Case of Proxy Helpers 10.1145/2652485 December 2014
Analysis and Detection of Fake Views in Online Video Services 10.1145/2700290 February 2015
Approximate Query Complexity 10.1145/2003685.2003688 August 2011
Hard Functions for Low-Degree Polynomials over Prime Fields 10.1145/2493246.2493248 July 2013
GLAD: Group Anomaly Detection in Social Media Analysis 10.1145/2811268 October 2015
Inferring Social Strength from Spatiotemporal Data 10.1145/2877200 March 2016
A Quality-Aware Voice Streaming System for Wireless Sensor Networks 10.1145/2594775 June 2014
Chromatic Correlation Clustering 10.1145/2728170 June 2015
Optimal Location Queries in Road Networks 10.1145/2818179 October 2015
Efficient Processing of Spatial Group Keyword Queries 10.1145/2772600 June 2015
Editorial: The Best of Two Worlds -- Present Your TODS Paper at SIGMOD 10.1145/2770931 June 2015
Editorial: Updates to the Editorial Board 10.1145/2893581 March 2016
Moving spatial keyword queries: Formulation, methods, and analysis 10.1145/2445583.2445590 April 2013
Design and analysis of a ranking approach to private location-based services 10.1145/1966385.1966388 May 2011
Indexing the past, present, and anticipated future positions of moving objects 10.1145/1132863.1132870 March 2006
Foreword to Invited Articles Issue 10.1145/2697050 December 2014
Temporal statement modifiers 10.1145/377674.377665 Dec. 2000
On the semantics of “now” in databases 10.1145/249978.249980 June 1997
Multidimensional online tracking 10.1145/2151171.2151175 April 2012
Range searching on uncertain data 10.1145/2344422.2344433 September 2012
Algorithms for distributed functional monitoring 10.1145/1921659.1921667 March 2011
I/O-efficient batched union-find and its applications to terrain analysis 10.1145/1868237.1868249 November 2010
The priority R-tree: A practically efficient and worst-case optimal R-tree 10.1145/1328911.1328920 March 2008
Mergeable summaries 10.1145/2500128 November 2013
Small synopses for group-by query verification on outsourced data streams 10.1145/1567274.1567277 August 2009
Efficient and accurate nearest neighbor and closest pair search in high-dimensional space 10.1145/1806907.1806912 July 2010
Mining frequent cross-graph quasi-cliques 10.1145/1460797.1460799 January 2009
Link spam target detection using page farms 10.1145/1552303.1552306 July 2009
Introduction to the Special Issue ACM SIGKDD 2012 10.1145/2513092.2513093 September 2013
Can the Utility of Anonymized Data be Used for Privacy Breaches? 10.1145/1993077.1993080 August 2011
Anonymization-based attacks in privacy-preserving data publishing 10.1145/1538909.1538910 June 2009
A vlHMM approach to context-aware search 10.1145/2490255 October 2013
ODE: Ontology-assisted data extraction 10.1145/1538909.1538914 June 2009
Understanding query interfaces by statistical parsing 10.1145/2460383.2460387 May 2013
Finding hierarchical heavy hitters in streaming data 10.1145/1324172.1324174 January 2008
Integrating XML data sources using approximate joins 10.1145/1132863.1132868 March 2006
Estimating the selectivity of approximate string queries 10.1145/1242524.1242529 June 2007
Space optimization in deductive databases 10.1145/219035.219056 Dec. 1995
A compressed accessibility map for XML 10.1145/1005566.1005570 June 2004
The design of a query monitoring system 10.1145/1508857.1508858 April 2009
Approximation and streaming algorithms for histogram construction problems 10.1145/1132863.1132873 March 2006
Sharing across Multiple MapReduce Jobs 10.1145/2560796 May 2014
Privacy-aware location data publishing 10.1145/1806907.1806910 July 2010
A framework for efficient data anonymization under privacy and accuracy constraints 10.1145/1538909.1538911 June 2009
Generalized multidimensional data mapping and query processing 10.1145/1093382.1093383 September 2005
Continuous nearest-neighbor search in the presence of obstacles 10.1145/1966385.1966387 May 2011
Interactive high-dimensional index for large Chinese calligraphic character databases 10.1145/1282080.1282083 September 2007
Efficient Personalized Probabilistic Retrieval of Chinese Calligraphic Manuscript Images in Mobile Cloud Environment 10.1145/2629575 December 2014
Asymptotically efficient algorithms for skyline probabilities of uncertain data 10.1145/1966385.1966390 May 2011
A relational approach to functional decomposition of logic circuits 10.1145/1966385.1966391 May 2011
Multiple Radii DisC Diversity: Result Diversification Based on Dissimilarity and Coverage 10.1145/2699499 March 2015
A survey on representation, composition and application of preferences in database systems 10.1145/2000824.2000829 August 2011
Exact and approximate algorithms for the most connected vertex problem 10.1145/2188349.2188354 May 2012
Partial Evaluation for Distributed XPath Query Processing and Beyond 10.1145/2389241.2389251 December 2012
Clustering Large Attributed Graphs: A Balance between Structural and Attribute Similarities 10.1145/1921632.1921638 February 2011
Revisiting answering tree pattern queries using views 10.1145/2338626.2338631 August 2012
Dynamic Ray Stabbing 10.1145/2559153 November 2014
Worst-Case I/O-Efficient Skyline Algorithms 10.1145/2389241.2389245 December 2012
Maximizing Range Sum in External Memory 10.1145/2629477 September 2014
I/O-Efficient Algorithms on Triangle Listing and Counting 10.1145/2691190.2691193 December 2014
Summarizing level-two topological relations in large spatial datasets 10.1145/1138394.1138398 June 2006
Stochastic skylines 10.1145/2188349.2188356 May 2012
Efficient top-kaggregation of ranked inputs 10.1145/1272743.1272749 August 2007
Integrity = validity + completeness 10.1145/76902.76904 Dec. 1989
Scaling up output capacity and performance results from information systems prototypes 10.1145/88636.87943 Sept. 1990
A relational approach to monitoring complex systems 10.1145/42186.42323 May 1988
The temporal query language TQuel 10.1145/22952.22956 June 1987
Mining order-preserving submatrices from probabilistic matrices 10.1145/2533712 January 2014
XML stream processing using tree-edit distance embeddings 10.1145/1061318.1061326 March 2005
Wavelet synopses for general error metrics 10.1145/1114244.1114246 December 2005
XSKETCH synopses for XML data graphs 10.1145/1166074.1166082 September 2006
Extended wavelets for multiple measures 10.1145/1242524.1242527 June 2007
Distributed Geometric Query Monitoring Using Prediction Models 10.1145/2602137 May 2014
Lightweight Query Authentication on Streams 10.1145/2656336 December 2014
Approximate continuous querying over distributed streams 10.1145/1366102.1366106 June 2008
Probabilistic wavelet synopses 10.1145/974750.974753 March 2004
Computation-tuple sequences and object histories 10.1145/5922.5924 June 1986
Topic-structure-based complementary information retrieval and its application 10.1145/1113308.1113314 December 2005
Cache-oblivious databases: Limitations and opportunities 10.1145/1366102.1366105 June 2008
Browsing on small displays by transforming Web pages into hierarchically structured subpages 10.1145/1462148.1462152 January 2009
A large-scale study on map search logs 10.1145/1806916.1806917 July 2010
Algorithms for trie compaction 10.1145/329.295 June 1984
Database description with SDM: a semantic database model 10.1145/319587.319588 Sept. 1981
A database management facility for automatic generation of database managers 10.1145/320434.320452 March 1976
Human factors comparison of a procedural and a nonprocedural query language 10.1145/319628.319656 Dec. 1981
A framework for effective retrieval 10.1145/63500.63519 June 1989
Adaptive record clustering 10.1145/3857.3861 June 1985
On a partitioning problem 10.1145/320263.320287 Sept. 1978
On the estimation of the number of desired records with respect to a given query 10.1145/320241.320245 March 1978
A clustered search algorithm incorporating arbitrary term dependencies 10.1145/319732.319756 Sept. 1982
Experiments on the determination of the relationships between terms 10.1145/320071.320081 June 1979
Analysis of capacity improvement by directional antennas in wireless sensor networks 10.1145/2379799.2379802 November 2012
Real-time data aggregation in contention-based wireless sensor networks 10.1145/1806895.1806897 August 2010
Heraclitus: elevating deltas to be first-class citizens in a database programming language 10.1145/232753.232801 Sept. 1996
On estimating the cardinality of the projection of a database relation 10.1145/62032.62034 March 1989
An execution model for limited ambiguity rules and its application to derived data update 10.1145/219035.219039 Dec. 1995
Optimal matching between spatial datasets under capacity constraints 10.1145/1735886.1735888 April 2010
Hierarchical synopses with optimal error guarantees 10.1145/1386118.1386124 August 2008
Efficient Time-Stamped Event Sequence Anonymization 10.1145/2532643 December 2013
ASCOS++: An Asymmetric Similarity Measure for Weighted Networks to Address the Problem of SimRank 10.1145/2776894 October 2015
Improving Researcher Homepage Classification with Unlabeled Data 10.1145/2767135 October 2015
Automatic tag recommendation algorithms for social recommender systems 10.1145/1921591.1921595 February 2011
Robust detection of semi-structured web records using a DOM structure-knowledge-driven model 10.1145/2508434 October 2013
Clustering and searching WWW images using link and page layout analysis 10.1145/1230812.1230816 May 2007
Understanding transportation modes based on GPS data for web applications 10.1145/1658373.1658374 January 2010
Recommending friends and locations based on individual location history 10.1145/1921591.1921596 February 2011
A Spatial-Temporal QoS Prediction Approach for Time-aware Web Service Recommendation 10.1145/2801164 February 2016
Human Decision Making and Recommender Systems 10.1145/2533670.2533675 October 2013
Emotional States Associated with Music: Classification, Prediction of Changes, and Consideration in Recommendation 10.1145/2723575 March 2015
REACH2-Mote: A Range-Extending Passive Wake-Up Wireless Sensor Node 10.1145/2829954 December 2015
Special section on new circuit and architecture-level solutions for multidiscipline systems 10.1145/2287696.2287697 August 2012
ULS: A dual-Vth/high-κ nano-CMOS universal level shifter for system-level power management 10.1145/1773814.1773819 June 2010
A Torus-Based Hierarchical Optical-Electronic Network-on-Chip for Multiprocessor System-on-Chip 10.1145/2093145.2093150 February 2012
On-chip sensor networks for soft-error tolerant real-time multiprocessor systems-on-chip 10.1145/2564928 February 2014
SUOR: Sectioned Undirectional Optical Ring for Chip Multiprocessor 10.1145/2600072 May 2014
Automated design flow for diode-based nanofabrics 10.1145/1167943.1167946 July 2006
Multiple fault diagnosis in digital microfluidic biochips 10.1145/1216396.1216398 October 2006
Efficient parallel testing and diagnosis of digital microfluidic biochips 10.1145/1543438.1543443 July 2009
Call for Papers DEADLINE: March 15, 2011 10.1145/1877745.1877749 December 2010
Introduction to Special Issue: Asynchrony in System Design 10.1145/2043643.2043644 December 2011
Designing a Million-Qubit Quantum Computer Using a Resource Performance Simulator 10.1145/2830570 March 2016
Impact of Process Variations on Speedup and Maximum Achievable Frequency of Extensible Processors 10.1145/2567665 April 2014
Cofactor Sharing for Reversible Logic Synthesis 10.1145/2629524 November 2014
On mobile sensor assisted field coverage 10.1145/2422966.2422979 March 2013
The self-protection problem in wireless sensor networks 10.1145/1281492.1281495 October 2007
Partial network coding: Concept, performance, and application for continuous data collection in sensor networks 10.1145/1362542.1362545 May 2008
Robust localization against outliers in wireless sensor networks 10.1145/2422966.2422981 March 2013
Approximation Algorithms and Hardness of thek-Route Cut Problem 10.1145/2644814 February 2016
Optimal Lower Bounds for Locality-Sensitive Hashing (Except When q is Tiny) 10.1145/2578221 March 2014
Hardness of Max-2Lin and Max-3Lin over Integers, Reals, and Large Cyclic Groups 10.1145/2751322 May 2015
On-Chip Hybrid Power Supply System for Wireless Sensor Nodes 10.1145/2492683 April 2014
Localized topology control for heterogeneous wireless sensor networks 10.1145/1138127.1138132 February 2006
Spatiotemporal Aquatic Field Reconstruction Using Cyber-Physical Robotic Sensor Systems 10.1145/2505767 June 2014
A Sensor System for High-Fidelity Temperature Distribution Forecasting in Data Centers 10.1145/2675353 February 2015
Modeling BitTorrent-like systems with many classes of users 10.1145/2457459.2457462 May 2013
Modeling spatially correlated data in sensor networks 10.1145/1218556.1218558 November 2006
An analysis of unreliability and asymmetry in low-power wireless links 10.1145/1240226.1240227 June 2007
Efficient geographic routing over lossy links in wireless sensor networks 10.1145/1362542.1362543 May 2008
The impact of spatial correlation on routing with compression in wireless sensor networks 10.1145/1387663.1387670 August 2008
Web-accessible geographic integration and calibration of webcams 10.1145/2422956.2422964 February 2013
Minimum power configuration for wireless communication in sensor networks 10.1145/1240226.1240231 June 2007
Integrated coverage and connectivity configuration for energy conservation in sensor networks 10.1145/1077391.1077394 August 2005
Asynchronous random sleeping for sensor networks 10.1145/1267060.1267063 August 2007
Processing spatial skyline queries in both vector spaces and spatial network databases 10.1145/1567274.1567276 August 2009
Efficient Algorithms and Cost Models for Reverse Spatial-Keywordk-Nearest Neighbor Search 10.1145/2576232 May 2014
The Clustered AGgregation (CAG) technique leveraging spatial and temporal correlations in wireless sensor networks 10.1145/1210669.1210672 March 2007
A Server-Assigned Spatial Crowdsourcing Framework 10.1145/2729713 August 2015
Reconfiguration methods for mobile sensor networks 10.1145/1281492.1281497 October 2007
Communication power optimization in a sensor network with a path-constrained mobile observer 10.1145/1167935.1167936 August 2006
Asymptotic distortion exponents for the estimation of time-varying channels in multihop sensor networks 10.1145/1777406.1777412 July 2010
The Scalable Commutativity Rule: Designing Scalable Software for Multicore Processors 10.1145/2699681 January 2015
The click modular router 10.1145/354871.354874 Aug. 2000
Labels and event processes in the Asbestos operating system 10.1145/1314299.1314302 December 2007
The Tenet architecture for tiered sensor networks 10.1145/1777406.1777413 July 2010
Sensor network data fault types 10.1145/1525856.1525863 May 2009
On the interaction of clocks, power, and synchronization in duty-cycled embedded sensor nodes 10.1145/1807048.1807053 September 2010
MCRT: Multichannel Real-Time Communications in Wireless Sensor Networks 10.1145/1993042.1993044 August 2011
Minimum transmission power configuration in real-time sensor networks with overlapping channels 10.1145/2422966.2422967 March 2013
Fusion-based volcanic earthquake detection and timing in wireless sensor networks 10.1145/2422966.2422974 March 2013
System-level calibration for data fusion in wireless sensor networks 10.1145/2480730.2480731 May 2013
DutyCon: A dynamic duty-cycle control approach to end-to-end delay guarantees in wireless sensor networks 10.1145/2489253.2489259 July 2013
SGF: A state-free gradient-based forwarding protocol for wireless sensor networks 10.1145/1498915.1498920 March 2009
A Learning-Based Approach to Confident Event Detection in Heterogeneous Sensor Networks 10.1145/2575788 November 2014
Critical sensor density for partial connectivity in large area wireless sensor networks 10.1145/1921621.1921629 February 2011
Exploring interest correlation for peer-to-peer socialized video sharing 10.1145/2071396.2071401 January 2012
Two decades of internet video streaming: A retrospective view 10.1145/2505805 October 2013
Understanding Video Sharing Propagation in Social Networks: Measurement and Analysis 10.1145/2594440 June 2014
Beyond triangle inequality: Sifting noisy and outlier distance measurements for localization 10.1145/2422966.2422983 March 2013
Underground coal mine monitoring with wireless sensor networks 10.1145/1498915.1498916 March 2009
Towards Energy-Fairness in Asynchronous Duty-Cycling Sensor Networks 10.1145/2490256 April 2014
Multihop/Direct Forwarding (MDF) for static wireless sensor networks 10.1145/1614379.1614387 November 2009
Online control of active camera networks for computer vision tasks 10.1145/2530283 January 2014
A study towards applying thermal inertia for energy conservation in rooms 10.1145/2529050 November 2013
Barrier Coverage by Sensors with Adjustable Ranges 10.1145/2629518 November 2014
Multiresolution storage and search in sensor networks 10.1145/1084779.1084780 August 2005
A file system for continuous media 10.1145/138873.138875 Nov. 1992
Sensor faults: Detection methods and prevalence in real-world datasets 10.1145/1754414.1754419 June 2010
RCRT: Rate-controlled reliable transport protocol for wireless sensor networks 10.1145/1807048.1807049 September 2010
PDVLoc: A Personal Data Vault for Controlled Location Data Sharing 10.1145/2523820 June 2014
Sensor Placement with Multiple Objectives for Structural Health Monitoring 10.1145/2533669 June 2014
A Framework of Mining Trajectories from Untrustworthy Data in Cyber-Physical System 10.1145/2700394 April 2015
Semantic annotation of frequent patterns 10.1145/1297332.1297335 December 2007
Parallel Field Ranking 10.1145/2513092.2513096 September 2013
PathSelClus: Integrating Meta-Path Selection with User-Guided Object Clustering in Heterogeneous Information Networks 10.1145/2500492 September 2013
Graph indexing based on discriminative frequent structure analysis 10.1145/1114244.1114248 December 2005
Feature-based similarity search in graph structures 10.1145/1189769.1189777 December 2006
The parallel path framework for entity discovery on the web 10.1145/2516633.2516638 September 2013
Troubleshooting interactive complexity bugs in wireless sensor networks using data mining techniques 10.1145/2530290 January 2014
Power-Based Diagnosis of Node Silence in Remote High-End Sensing Systems 10.1145/2661639 February 2015
Launching an Efficient Participatory Sensing Campaign: A Smart Mobile Device-Based Approach 10.1145/2808198 October 2015
Accurate Range-Free Localization for Anisotropic Wireless Sensor Networks 10.1145/2746343 May 2015
Optimizing Energy Efficiency for Minimum Latency Broadcast in Low-Duty-Cycle Sensor Networks 10.1145/2753763 December 2015
A script-based autotuning compiler system to generate high-performance CUDA code 10.1145/2400682.2400690 January 2013
Multiversion-based view maintenance over distributed data sources 10.1145/1042046.1042049 December 2004
A memory-efficient pipelined implementation of the aho-corasick string-matching algorithm 10.1145/1839667.1839672 September 2010
A Filtering Mechanism to Reduce Network Bandwidth Utilization of Transaction Execution 10.1145/2837028 January 2016
Dynamic MIPS Rate Stabilization for Complex Processors 10.1145/2714575 April 2015
Power Efficient Hardware Transactional Memory: Dynamic Issue of Transactions 10.1145/2875425 April 2016
Introduction to the Special Issue on Machine Translation of Asian Languages 10.1145/1526252.1526253 May 2009
Spatial Consensus Queries in a Collaborative Environment 10.1145/2829943 April 2016
Privacy-Aware Dynamic Ride Sharing 10.1145/2845080 April 2016
Adaptive Bayesian HMM for Fully Unsupervised Chinese Part-of-Speech Induction 10.1145/2334801.2334803 September 2012
Introduction to special issue on reasoning in natural language information processing 10.1145/1236181.1236182 December 2006
Developing Position Structure-Based Framework for Chinese Entity Relation Extraction 10.1145/2002980.2002984 September 2011
Toward a Professional Platform for Chinese Character Conversion 10.1145/2425327.2425328 March 2013
Topic tracking with time granularity reasoning 10.1145/1236181.1236186 December 2006
Introduction to the Special section: Extended best papers from IJCNLP 2005 10.1145/1194936.1194937 September 2006
Optimal weight assignment for signature generation 10.1145/128903.128907 June 1992
Adapting pivoted document-length normalization for query size: Experiments in Chinese and English 10.1145/1194936.1194941 September 2006
A maximum-entropy chinese parser augmented by transformation-based learning 10.1145/1034780.1034786 June 2004
Aligning word senses using bilingual corpora 10.1145/1165255.1165256 June 2006
Using data mining techniques and rough set theory for language modeling 10.1145/1227850.1227852 April 2007
Reverse skyline search in uncertain databases 10.1145/1670243.1670246 February 2010
Differential dependencies: Reasoning and discovery 10.1145/2000824.2000826 August 2011
A word-based approach for modeling and discovering temporal relations embedded in Chinese sentences 10.1145/772755.772756 September 2002
Prologue 10.1145/595576.595577 March 2002
A Chinese dictionary construction algorithm for information retrieval 10.1145/795458.795460 December 2002
Cross-language spoken document retrieval using HMM-based retrieval model with multi-scale fusion 10.1145/964161.964162 March 2003
Using tone information in Cantonese continuous speech recognition 10.1145/595576.595581 March 2002
A comparison of Chinese document indexing strategies and retrieval models 10.1145/772755.772758 September 2002
GLR parsing with multiple grammars for natural language queries 10.1145/568954.568956 June 2002
An adaptivek-nearest neighbor text categorization strategy 10.1145/1039621.1039623 December 2004
An ontology of time for the semantic web 10.1145/1017068.1017073 March 2004
Analysis and modeling of F0 contours for cantonese text-to-speech 10.1145/1037811.1037813 September 2004
Introduction to the special issue on statistical language modeling 10.1145/1034780.1034781 June 2004
Making MIRACLEs: Interactive translingual search for Cebuano and Hindi 10.1145/979872.979876 September 2003
Structured annotations for 2D-to-3D modeling 10.1145/1618452.1618494 December 2009
Exploratory Analysis of Collaborative Web Accessibility Improvement 10.1145/1857920.1857922 November 2010
Individuality-Preserving Voice Conversion for Articulation Disorders Using Phoneme-Categorized Exemplars 10.1145/2738048 June 2015
Spin MOSFETs as a basis for spintronics 10.1145/1149976.1149980 May 2006
A new efficient probabilistic model for mining labeled ordered trees applied to glycobiology 10.1145/1342320.1342326 March 2008
Blocking links to minimize contamination spread in a social network 10.1145/1514888.1514892 April 2009
Fast likelihood search for hidden Markov models 10.1145/1631162.1631166 November 2009
ciForager: Incrementally discovering regions of correlated change in evolving graphs 10.1145/2362383.2362385 October 2012
ANalgorithm for mutual exclusion in decentralized systems 10.1145/214438.214445 May 1985
A distributed mutual exclusion algorithm 10.1145/6110.214406 Nov. 1985
PACS: a parallel microprocessor array for scientific calculations 10.1145/357369.357370 August 1983
Optimality of scheduling policy for processing a job stream 10.1145/2080.357395 February 1984
Effects of job loading policies for multiprogramming systems in processing a job stream 10.1145/6306.6310 Feb. 1986
Finding probably best systems quickly via simulations 10.1145/1540530.1540533 June 2009
Common defects in initialization of pseudorandom number generators 10.1145/1276927.1276928 September 2007
Simple cellular automata as pseudorandomm-sequence generators for built-in self-test 10.1145/272991.273007 Jan. 1998
Mersenne twister: a 623-dimensionally equidistributed uniform pseudo-random number generator 10.1145/272991.272995 Jan. 1998
Getting rid of correlations among pseudorandom numbers: discarding versus tempering 10.1145/347823.347835 July 1999
Twisted GFSR generators 10.1145/146382.146383 July 1992
Strong deviations from randomness inm-sequences based on trinomials 10.1145/232807.232815 April 1996
Twisted GFSR generators II 10.1145/189443.189445 July 1994
Tables of 64-bit Mersenne twisters 10.1145/369534.369540 Oct. 2000
Polynomial arithmetic analogue of Halton sequences 10.1145/169702.169694 April 1993
On the lattice structure of the add-with-carry and subtract-with-borrow random number generators 10.1145/159737.159749 Oct. 1993
Efficient and portable combined Tausworthe random number generators 10.1145/116890.116892 April 1991
A note on polynomial arithmetic analogue of Halton sequences 10.1145/189443.189447 July 1994
Guest editors' introduction: special issue on uniform random number generation 10.1145/272991.275457 Jan. 1998
A search for good multiple recursive random number generators 10.1145/169702.169698 April 1993
On the xorshift random number generators 10.1145/1113316.1113319 October 2005
Guest introduction 10.1145/945511.945512 October 2003
Estimating small cell-loss ratios in ATM switches via importance sampling 10.1145/379525.379528 Jan. 2001
Bootstrap confidence intervals for ratios of expectations 10.1145/352222.352224 Oct. 1999
Guest editors’ introduction to special issue on the third INFORMS simulation society research workshop 10.1145/2555690 January 2014
How to trim a MST: A 2-Approximation algorithm for minimum cost-tree cover 10.1145/2151171.2151179 April 2012
Improved approximation results for the stable marriage problem 10.1145/1273340.1273346 August 2007
Approximation algorithms for the sex-equal stable marriage problem 10.1145/1868237.1868239 November 2010
Three-coloring triangle-free planar graphs in linear time 10.1145/2000807.2000809 September 2011
Optimal branch-decomposition of planar graphs inO(n3) Time 10.1145/1367064.1367070 June 2008
Enumeration of isolated cliques and pseudo-cliques 10.1145/1597036.1597044 October 2009
A piano duo support system for parents to lead children to practice musical performances 10.1145/1230812.1230815 May 2007
Coordinated enroute multimedia object caching in transcoding proxies for tree networks 10.1145/1083314.1083318 August 2005
Estimation of certainty for responses to multiple-choice questionnaires using eye movements 10.1145/1413862.1413867 November 2008
Annotation propagation in image databases using similarity graphs 10.1145/2487736 December 2013
Relational languages and data models for continuous queries on sequences and data streams 10.1145/1966385.1966386 May 2011
Path-tree: An efficient reachability indexing scheme for large directed graphs 10.1145/1929934.1929941 March 2011
Serializability with constraints 10.1145/27629.214284 Sept. 1987
Cautious transaction schedulers with admission control 10.1145/3857.3860 June 1985
On the optimal nesting order for computingN-relational joins 10.1145/1270.1498 Sept. 1984
An improved third normal form for relational databases 10.1145/319566.319583 June 1981
The model, language, and implementation of an object-oriented multimedia knowledge base management system 10.1145/151284.151285 March 1993
Hierarchical file organization and its application to similar-string matching 10.1145/319989.319994 Sept. 1983
Design of a balanced multiple-valued file-organization scheme with the least redundancy 10.1145/320107.320123 Dec. 1979
Dense subgraph problems with output-density conditions 10.1145/1383369.1383374 August 2008
Data Mining with optimized two-dimensional association rules 10.1145/383891.383893 June 2001
A feature-word-topic model for image annotation and retrieval 10.1145/2516633.2516634 September 2013
Polymorphism and type inference in database programming 10.1145/227604.227609 March 1996
Reverse data exchange: Coping with nulls 10.1145/1966385.1966389 May 2011
Characterizing schema mappings via data examples 10.1145/2043652.2043656 December 2011
Composing schema mappings: Second-order dependencies to the rescue 10.1145/1114244.1114249 December 2005
Peer data exchange 10.1145/1189769.1189778 December 2006
Quasi-inverses of schema mappings 10.1145/1366102.1366108 June 2008
SilkRoute: A framework for publishing relational data in XML 10.1145/582410.582413 December 2002
Archiving scientific data 10.1145/974750.974752 March 2004
Oblivious bounds on the probability of boolean functions 10.1145/2532641 January 2014
A Theory of Pricing Private Data 10.1145/2691190.2691191 December 2014
Introduction to ICDT 2007 special section 10.1145/1412331.1412339 November 2008
Distributed query evaluation on semistructured data 10.1145/507234.507235 March 2002
Processing XML streams with deterministic automata and stream indexes 10.1145/1042046.1042051 December 2004
Web Search Clustering and Labeling with Hidden Topics 10.1145/1568292.1568295 August 2009
Improving discriminative sequential learning by discovering important association of statistics 10.1145/1236181.1236187 December 2006
Gaze and turn-taking behavior in casual conversational interactions 10.1145/2499474.2499481 July 2013
A Bayesian Alignment Approach to Transliteration Mining 10.1145/2499955.2499957 August 2013
Gaze awareness in conversational agents: Estimating a user's conversational engagement from eye gaze 10.1145/2499474.2499480 July 2013
Design and evaluation techniques for authoring interactive and stylistic behaviors 10.1145/2499671 January 2014
Conversational gaze mechanisms for humanlike robots 10.1145/2070719.2070725 January 2012
Affectionate Interaction with a Small Humanoid Robot Capable of Recognizing Social Touch Behavior 10.1145/2685395 January 2015
VlogSense: Conversational behavior and social attention in YouTube 10.1145/2037676.2037690 October 2011
In the Mood for Vlog: Multimodal Inference in Conversational Social Video 10.1145/2641577 July 2015
Generating Robot Gaze on the Basis of Participation Roles and Dominance Estimation in Multiparty Interaction 10.1145/2743028 January 2016
“I’ll Be There Next”: A Multiplex Care Robot System that Conveys Service Order Using Gaze Gestures 10.1145/2844542 January 2016
Brownian Circuits: Fundamentals 10.1145/2422094.2422097 February 2013
The WaveScalar architecture 10.1145/1233307.1233308 May 2007
Architectural implications of quantum computing technologies 10.1145/1126257.1126259 January 2006
Datapath and control for quantum wires 10.1145/980152.980155 March 2004
Arithmetic on a distributed-memory quantum multicomputer 10.1145/1324177.1324179 January 2008
Fault-Tolerant Operations for Universal Blind Quantum Computation 10.1145/2700248 July 2015
Introduction to special issue on WoSAR 2011 10.1145/2543749.2543752 January 2014
A Θ( √ n)-depth quantum adder on the 2D NTC quantum computer architecture 10.1145/2287696.2287707 August 2012
On the Effect of Quantum Interaction Distance on Quantum Addition Circuits 10.1145/2000502.2000504 August 2011
A Resource-Efficient Design for a Reversible Floating Point Adder in Quantum Computing 10.1145/2629525 November 2014
Special Issue on Emerging Many-Core Systems for Exascale Computing 10.1145/2717312 April 2015
Architecture and Implementation of Dynamic Parallelism, Voltage and Frequency Scaling (PVFS) on CGRAs 10.1145/2700250 April 2015
Distributed Separate Coding for Continuous Data Collection in Wireless Sensor Networks 10.1145/2629658 November 2014
Idiom recognition framework using topological embedding 10.1145/2512431 September 2013
Example-based sentence reduction using the hidden markov model 10.1145/1034780.1034785 June 2004
Topic tracking based on bilingual comparable corpora and semisupervised clustering 10.1145/1290002.1290005 November 2007
Integrating Cross-Language Hierarchies and Its Application to Retrieving Relevant Documents 10.1145/1386869.1386870 August 2008
On the reliability of factoid question answering evaluation 10.1145/1227850.1227853 April 2007
Introduction to the NTCIR-6 Special Issue 10.1145/1362782.1362783 June 2008
Flexible pseudo-relevance feedback via selective sampling 10.1145/1105696.1105699 June 2005
Introduction to the special issue: Recent advances in information processing and access for Japanese 10.1145/1113308.1113309 December 2005
Proposal of two-stage patent retrieval method considering the claim structure 10.1145/1105696.1105702 June 2005
Towards effective strategies for monolingual and bilingual information retrieval: Lessons learned from NTCIR-4 10.1145/1105696.1105698 June 2005
Multi-answer-focused multi-document summarization using a question-answering engine 10.1145/1111667.1111672 September 2005
Introduction to the Special Issue on Indian Language Information Retrieval Part I 10.1145/1838745.1838746 September 2010
Preface to the special issues on NTCIR-4 10.1145/1111667.1111668 September 2005
Are open-domain question answering technologies useful for information access dialogues?---an empirical study and a proposal of a novel challenge 10.1145/1111667.1111669 September 2005
Introduction to the Special Issue on RITE 10.1145/2382593.2382594 December 2012
Automatically Acquiring Causal Expression Patterns from Relation-annotated Corpora to Improve Question Answering for why-Questions 10.1145/1362782.1362785 June 2008
An analysis of a high-performance japanese question answering system 10.1145/1111667.1111670 September 2005
HPSG-Based Preprocessing for English-to-Japanese Translation 10.1145/2334801.2334802 September 2012
Improving chronological ordering of sentences extracted from multiple newspaper articles 10.1145/1111667.1111673 September 2005
Cross-Language Latent Relational Search between Japanese and English Languages Using a Web Corpus 10.1145/2334801.2334805 September 2012
Japanese question-answering system using A* search and its improvement 10.1145/1111667.1111671 September 2005
On a combination of probabilistic and boolean ir models for WWW document retrieval 10.1145/1111667.1111674 September 2005
Area-Preserving Simplification and Schematization of Polygonal Subdivisions 10.1145/2818373 April 2016
A Two-Phase Framework for Learning Logical Structures of Paragraphs in Legal Articles 10.1145/2425327.2425330 March 2013
Learning to Recognize Textual Entailment in Japanese Texts with the Utilization of Machine Translation 10.1145/2382593.2382596 December 2012
Discriminative Training for Log-Linear Based SMT: Global or Local Methods 10.1145/2637478 December 2014
Preordering using a Target-Language Parser via Cross-Language Syntactic Projection for Statistical Machine Translation 10.1145/2699925 June 2015
Integrated Parallel Sentence and Fragment Extraction from Comparable Corpora: A Case Study on Chinese--Japanese Wikipedia 10.1145/2833089 February 2016
Chinese-Japanese Machine Translation Exploiting Chinese Characters 10.1145/2523057.2523059 October 2013
Distortion Model Based on Word Sequence Labeling for Statistical Machine Translation 10.1145/2537128 February 2014
Predicate-Argument Structure-Based Textual Entailment Recognition System Exploiting Wide-Coverage Lexical Knowledge 10.1145/2382593.2382598 December 2012
picoTrans: An intelligent icon-driven interface for cross-lingual communication 10.1145/2448116.2448121 April 2013
Example-based machine translation using efficient sentence retrieval based on edit-distance 10.1145/1113308.1113310 December 2005
Converting Continuous-Space Language Models intoN-gram Language Models with Efficient Bilingual Pruning for Statistical Machine Translation 10.1145/2843942 March 2016
Post-Ordering by Parsing with ITG for Japanese-English Statistical Machine Translation 10.1145/2518100 October 2013
A Constraint Approach to Pivot-Based Bilingual Dictionary Induction 10.1145/2723144 January 2016
A Unified Character-Based Tagging Framework for Chinese Word Segmentation 10.1145/1781134.1781135 June 2010
Inter-, Intra-, and Extra-Chunk Pre-Ordering for Statistical Japanese-to-English Machine Translation 10.1145/2818381 March 2016
Zero-anaphora resolution by learning rich syntactic pattern features 10.1145/1316457.1316458 December 2007
Acquiring causal knowledge from text using the connective markertame 10.1145/1113308.1113313 December 2005
Anaphora resolution by antecedent identification followed by anaphoricity determination 10.1145/1113308.1113312 December 2005
Multilingual Topic Models for Bilingual Dictionary Extraction 10.1145/2699939 June 2015
A Hybrid Ranking Approach to Chinese Spelling Check 10.1145/2822264 October 2015
Terminology-based knowledge mining for new knowledge discovery 10.1145/1131348.1131354 March 2006
ME-based biomedical named entity recognition using lexical knowledge 10.1145/1131348.1131350 March 2006
Effect of relationships between words on Japanese information retrieval 10.1145/1194936.1194942 September 2006
Using Short Dependency Relations from Auto-Parsed Data for Chinese Dependency Parsing 10.1145/1568292.1568293 August 2009
Comparison of three machine-learning methods for Thai part-of-speech tagging 10.1145/568954.568957 June 2002
Correction of errors in a verb modality corpus for machine translation with a machine-learning method 10.1145/1066078.1066080 March 2005
Using Japanese honorific expressions: A psychological study 10.1145/1165255.1165258 June 2006
A machine transliteration model based on correspondence between graphemes and phonemes 10.1145/1194936.1194938 September 2006
Estimating satisfactoriness of selectional restriction from corpus without a thesaurus 10.1145/1113308.1113311 December 2005
Sketch2Photo: internet image montage 10.1145/1618452.1618470 December 2009
Reconstruction of Phonated Speech from Whispers Using Formant-Derived Plausible Pitch Modulation 10.1145/2737724 June 2015
Improving Flash-Based Disk Cache with Lazy Adaptive Replacement 10.1145/2737832 February 2016
Accelerating File System Metadata Access with Byte-Addressable Nonvolatile Memory 10.1145/2766453 July 2015
Z-MAP: A Zone-Based Flash Translation Layer with Workload Classification for Solid-State Drive 10.1145/2629663 February 2015
Input-sensitive scalable continuous join query processing 10.1145/1567274.1567275 August 2009
Towards update-conscious compilation for energy-efficient code dissemination in WSNs 10.1145/1596510.1596512 October 2009
Performance-aware thermal management via task scheduling 10.1145/1736065.1736070 April 2010
Conserving network processor power consumption by exploiting traffic variability 10.1145/1216544.1216547 March 2007
Hardware-Assisted Cooperative Integration of Wear-Leveling and Salvaging for Phase Change Memory 10.1145/2459316.2459318 May 2013
Supporting Exploratory Hypothesis Testing and Analysis 10.1145/2701430 June 2015
Universal and Distinct Properties of Communication Dynamics: How to Generate Realistic Inter-event Times 10.1145/2700399 April 2015
Incremental tensor analysis: Theory and applications 10.1145/1409620.1409621 October 2008
Graph evolution: Densification and shrinking diameters 10.1145/1217299.1217301 March 2007
Forecasting in the NBA and other team sports: Network effects in action 10.1145/2362383.2362387 October 2012
Bayesian Browsing Model: Exact Inference of Document Relevance from Petabyte-Scale Data 10.1145/1857947.1857951 October 2010
HADI: Mining Radii of Large Graphs 10.1145/1921632.1921634 February 2011
Fast Discovery of Group Lag Correlations in Streams 10.1145/1870096.1870101 December 2010
DeltaCon: Principled Massive-Graph Similarity Function with Attribution 10.1145/2824443 February 2016
Multimodal Data Mining in a Multimedia Database Based on Structured Max Margin Learning 10.1145/2742549 February 2016
ParCube: Sparse Parallelizable CANDECOMP-PARAFAC Tensor Decomposition 10.1145/2729980 July 2015
Optimal signature extraction and information loss 10.1145/27629.214285 Sept. 1987
A new approach to dynamic self-tuning of database buffers 10.1145/1353452.1353455 May 2008
On domination game analysis for microeconomic data mining 10.1145/1460797.1460801 January 2009
Density-based clustering of data streams at multiple resolutions 10.1145/1552303.1552307 July 2009
Classification in P2P networks with cascade support vector machines 10.1145/2541268.2541273 November 2013
Error bounds for performance prediction in queuing networks 10.1145/3959.3960 Aug. 1985
Time-space consistency in large-scale distributed virtual environments 10.1145/974734.974736 January 2004
An alternative time management mechanism for distributed simulations 10.1145/1060576.1060577 April 2005
Algorithms for HLA-based distributed simulation cloning 10.1145/1113316.1113318 October 2005
Bridging the gap: A standards-based approach to OR/MS distributed simulation 10.1145/2379810.2379811 November 2012
Critical causal order of events in distributed virtual environments 10.1145/1236471.1236474 August 2007
Improving scalability of wireless network simulation with bounded inaccuracies 10.1145/1176249.1176251 October 2006
MAYA: Integrating hybrid network modeling to the physical world 10.1145/985793.985796 April 2004
Ladder queue: AnO(1) priority queue structure for large-scale discrete event simulation 10.1145/1103323.1103324 July 2005
A sort-based DDM matching algorithm for HLA 10.1145/1044322.1044324 January 2005
Crowd modeling and simulation technologies 10.1145/1842722.1842725 October 2010
Adaptive Resource Provisioning Mechanism in VEEs for Improving Performance of HLA-Based Simulations 10.1145/2717309 December 2015
Formalization of Weak Emergence in Multiagent Systems 10.1145/2815502 December 2015
Calibration, Validation, and Prediction in Random Simulation Models: Gaussian Process Metamodels and a Bayesian Integrated Solution 10.1145/2699713 May 2015
Bayesian Kriging Analysis and Design for Stochastic Simulations 10.1145/2331140.2331145 August 2012
Stochastically Constrained Ranking and Selection via SCORE 10.1145/2630066 January 2015
Simulation optimization using the cross-entropy method with optimal computing budget allocation 10.1145/1667072.1667076 January 2010
Approximate Inference for Observation-Driven Time Series Models with Intractable Likelihoods 10.1145/2592254 May 2014
The stochastic root-finding problem: Overview, solutions, and open questions 10.1145/1921598.1921603 March 2011
A dynamic sort-based DDM matching algorithm for HLA applications 10.1145/1921598.1921601 March 2011
The speed of convergence in congestion games under best-response dynamics 10.1145/2229163.2229169 July 2012
Partial convex recolorings of trees and galled networks: Tight upper and lower bounds 10.1145/2000807.2000810 September 2011
On the minimum common integer partition problem 10.1145/1435375.1435387 November 2008
Incremental Cycle Detection, Topological Ordering, and Strong Component Maintenance 10.1145/2071379.2071382 January 2012
Data structures for mergeable trees 10.1145/1921659.1921660 March 2011
A New Approach to Incremental Cycle Detection and Related Problems 10.1145/2756553 February 2016
Dominator Tree Certification and Divergent Spanning Trees 10.1145/2764913 February 2016
Rank-Balanced Trees 10.1145/2689412 June 2015
Deletion without rebalancing in multiway search trees 10.1145/2540068 January 2014
Envy-free pricing in multi-item markets 10.1145/2567923 February 2014
GridCast: Improving peer sharing for P2P VoD 10.1145/1412196.1412199 October 2008
Two-Level Hybrid Sampled Simulation of Multithreaded Applications 10.1145/2818353 January 2016
PCantorSim: Accelerating parallel architecture simulation through fractal-based sampling 10.1145/2541228.2555305 December 2013
Correlative multilabel video annotation with temporal kernels 10.1145/1404880.1404883 October 2008
Audio keywords generation for sports video analysis 10.1145/1352012.1352015 May 2008
Efficient sampling of training set in large and noisy multimedia data 10.1145/1236471.1236473 August 2007
Goal-oriented optimal subset selection of correlated multimedia streams 10.1145/1198302.1198304 February 2007
A novel 3D video transcoding scheme for adaptive 3D video transmission to heterogeneous terminals 10.1145/2348816.2348822 September 2012
Layered unequal loss protection with pre-interleaving for fast progressive image transmission over packet-loss channels 10.1145/1111604.1111606 November 2005
A unified context model for web image retrieval 10.1145/2240136.2240141 July 2012
ImageSense: Towards contextual image advertising 10.1145/2071396.2071402 January 2012
Visual query suggestion: Towards capturing user intent in internet image search 10.1145/1823746.1823747 August 2010
Active query sensing: Suggesting the best query view for mobile visual search 10.1145/2348816.2348819 September 2012
How far we've come: Impact of 20 years of multimedia information retrieval 10.1145/2491844 October 2013
Audio-visual atoms for generic video concept classification 10.1145/1823746.1823748 August 2010
Semi-supervised distance metric learning for collaborative image retrieval and clustering 10.1145/1823746.1823752 August 2010
Mixed image-keyword query adaptive hashing over multilabel images 10.1145/2540990 February 2014
Dialocalization: Acoustic speaker diarization and visual localization as joint optimization problem 10.1145/1865106.1865111 November 2010
Introduction to: Special Issue on Extended Best Papers from ACM Multimedia 2014 10.1145/2820400 October 2015
Brief Introduction to the Special Issue on Behavior Understanding for Arts and Entertainment 10.1145/2786762 July 2015
Behavior Understanding for Arts and Entertainment 10.1145/2817208 October 2015
Word level automatic alignment of music and lyrics using vocal synthesis 10.1145/1823746.1823753 August 2010
Beat space segmentation and octave scale cepstral feature for sung language recognition in pop music 10.1145/2043612.2043615 November 2011
Introduction to the Special Issue on Recent Advances in Asian Language Spoken Document Retrieval 10.1145/1482343.1482344 March 2009
A phonetic similarity model for automatic extraction of transliteration pairs 10.1145/1282080.1282081 September 2007
Design of multimedia surveillance systems 10.1145/1556134.1556140 August 2009
A study of content authentication in proxy-enabled multimedia delivery systems: Model, techniques, and applications 10.1145/1596990.1596992 October 2009
Social influence analysis and application on multimedia sharing websites 10.1145/2502436 October 2013
Introduction to the best papers of ACM multimedia 2009 10.1145/1823746.1830482 August 2010
Browse by chunks: Topic mining and organizing on web-scale social media 10.1145/2037676.2037687 October 2011
Enhancing news organization for convenient retrieval and browsing 10.1145/2488732 December 2013
Cross-Domain Multi-Event Tracking via CO-PMHT 10.1145/2602633 June 2014
Twitter is Faster: Personalized Time-Aware Video Recommendation from Twitter to YouTube 10.1145/2637285 December 2014
Social Event Classification via Boosted Multimodal Supervised Latent Dirichlet Allocation 10.1145/2659521 December 2014
Boosted Multifeature Learning for Cross-Domain Transfer 10.1145/2700286 January 2015
Discovering Geo-Informative Attributes for Location Recognition and Exploration 10.1145/2648581 September 2014
Cross-Platform Emerging Topic Detection and Elaboration from Multimedia Streams 10.1145/2730889 April 2015
Introduction to special issue on multimedia security 10.1145/2344436.2344437 September 2012
Image hatching for visual cryptography 10.1145/2344436.2344438 September 2012
Aggregate licenses validation for digital rights violation detection 10.1145/2344436.2344443 September 2012
A reward-and-punishment-based approach for concept detection using adaptive ontology rules 10.1145/2457450.2457452 May 2013
Metadata handling: A video perspective 10.1145/1201730.1201736 November 2006
Multimedia simplification for optimized MMS synthesis 10.1145/1198302.1198307 February 2007
Context-Aware Photography Learning for Smart Mobile Devices 10.1145/2808199 October 2015
Video streaming using a location-based bandwidth-lookup service for bitrate planning 10.1145/2240136.2240137 July 2012
Bagadus: An integrated real-time system for soccer analytics 10.1145/2541011 January 2014
The Cameraman Operating My Virtual Camera is Artificial: Can the Machine Be as Good as a Human? 10.1145/2744411 April 2015
Online Estimation of Evolving Human Visual Interest 10.1145/2632284 August 2014
Exploration in Interactive Personalized Music Recommendation: A Reinforcement Learning Approach 10.1145/2623372 August 2014
Fusion of AV features and external information sources for event detection in team sports video 10.1145/1126004.1126007 February 2006
Memory recall based video search: Finding videos you have seen before based on your memory 10.1145/2534409 February 2014
MultiFusion: A boosting approach for multimedia fusion 10.1145/1865106.1865109 November 2010
Up-Fusion: An Evolving Multimedia Fusion Method 10.1145/2611777 August 2014
Multi-Camera Coordination and Control in Surveillance Systems: A Survey 10.1145/2710128 April 2015
Continuous online index tuning in moving object databases 10.1145/1806907.1806909 July 2010
iDistance: An adaptive B+-tree based indexing method for nearest neighbor search 10.1145/1071610.1071612 June 2005
Introduction to ACM SIGMOD 2007 special section 10.1145/1412331.1412333 November 2008
Negative Factor: Improving Regular-Expression Matching in Strings 10.1145/2847525 February 2016
High-performance complex event processing over hierarchical data 10.1145/2536779 November 2013
On the design of relational database schemata 10.1145/319540.319542 March 1981
A new normal form for the design of relational database schemata 10.1145/319732.319749 Sept. 1982
A formal approach to the definition and the design of conceptual schemata for databased systems 10.1145/319682.319695 March 1982
Expressing and optimizing sequence queries in database systems 10.1145/1005566.1005568 June 2004
Towards a Painless Index for Spatial Objects 10.1145/2629333 September 2014
Privacy-Preserving Ad-Hoc Equi-Join on Outsourced Data 10.1145/2629501 September 2014
Locking performance in centralized databases 10.1145/4879.4880 Dec. 1985
A logical foundation for deductive object-oriented databases 10.1145/507234.507237 March 2002
Database design with common sense business reasoning and learning 10.1145/278245.278246 Dec. 1997
Should We Use the Sample? Analyzing Datasets Sampled from Twitter’s Stream API 10.1145/2746366 June 2015
ReputationPro: The Efficient Approaches to Contextual Transaction Trust Computation in E-Commerce Environments 10.1145/2697390 January 2015
Quality and Leniency in Online Collaborative Rating Systems 10.1145/2109205.2109209 March 2012
Constant-time maintainability: a generalization of independence 10.1145/128903.128904 June 1992
Characterizing and Predicting the Multifaceted Nature of Quality in Educational Web Resources 10.1145/2533670.2533673 October 2013
Active multiple kernel learning for interactive 3D object retrieval systems 10.1145/2030365.2030368 October 2011
Human Tutorial Instruction in the Raw 10.1145/2531920 March 2015
On-chip caches built on multilevel spin-transfer torque RAM cells and its optimizations 10.1145/2463585.2463592 May 2013
Utility-based bandwidth adaptation in mission-oriented wireless sensor networks 10.1145/2140522.2140530 March 2012
Sensor-mission assignment in wireless sensor networks 10.1145/1777406.1777415 July 2010
Sensor Mission Assignment in Rechargeable Wireless Sensor Networks 10.1145/2594791 June 2014
A Modular Machine Learning System for Flow-Level Traffic Classification in Large Networks 10.1145/2133360.2133364 March 2012
Achieving long-term operation with a capacitor-driven energy storage and sharing network 10.1145/2240116.2240121 September 2012
Collaborative broadcasting and compression in cluster-based wireless sensor networks 10.1145/1267060.1267065 August 2007
MAX: Wide area human-centric search of the physical world 10.1145/1387663.1387672 August 2008
On energy-efficient trap coverage in wireless sensor networks 10.1145/2529973 November 2013
IODetector: A Generic Service for Indoor/Outdoor Detection 10.1145/2659466 February 2015
Models and solutions for radio irregularity in wireless sensor networks 10.1145/1149283.1149287 May 2006
VigilNet: An integrated sensor network system for energy-efficient surveillance 10.1145/1138127.1138128 February 2006
Achieving long-term surveillance in VigilNet 10.1145/1464420.1464429 February 2009
Efficient Multichannel Communications in Wireless Sensor Networks 10.1145/2840808 March 2016
ATPC: Adaptive Transmission Power Control for Wireless Sensor Networks 10.1145/2746342 March 2016
Detecting Faulty Nodes with Data Errors for Wireless Sensor Networks 10.1145/2594773 April 2014
TOC: Localizing Wireless Rechargeable Sensors with Time of Charge 10.1145/2700257 May 2015
Toward Stable Network Performance in Wireless Sensor Networks: A Multilevel Perspective 10.1145/2700272 May 2015
Generic Neighbor Discovery Accelerations in Mobile Applications 10.1145/2832914 December 2015
Sensor Placement and Measurement of Wind for Water Quality Studies in Urban Reservoirs 10.1145/2700265 May 2015
CAMA: Efficient Modeling of the Capture Effect for Low-Power Wireless Networks 10.1145/2629352 November 2014
Bahurupi: A polymorphic heterogeneous multi-core architecture 10.1145/2086696.2086701 January 2012
Nonvolatile Memories as the Data Storage System for Implantable ECG Recorder 10.1145/2180878.2180885 June 2012
Tolerating process variations in large, set-associative caches: The buddy cache 10.1145/1543753.1543757 June 2009
C1C: A configurable, compiler-guided STT-RAM L1 cache 10.1145/2541228.2555308 December 2013
VLIW instruction scheduling for minimal power variation 10.1145/1275937.1275942 September 2007
PiPA: Pipelined profiling and analysis on multicore systems 10.1145/1880037.1880038 December 2010
GPU code generation for ODE-based applications with phased shared-data access patterns 10.1145/2541228.2555311 December 2013
Two-Stage Hypotheses Generation for Spoken Language Translation 10.1145/1482343.1482347 March 2009
The State of the Journal 10.1145/1838745.1838750 September 2010
Offline handwritten Chinese character recognition by radical decomposition 10.1145/964161.964163 March 2003
Combining character-based bigrams with word-based bigrams in contextual postprocessing for Chinese script recognition 10.1145/795458.795461 December 2002
Adaptation of Language Models for SMT Using Neural Networks with Topic Information 10.1145/2816816 March 2016
Enhancing Shift-Reduce Constituent Parsing with Action N-Gram Model 10.1145/2820902 March 2016
AUTHOR: Text mining and management in biomedicine 10.1145/1131348.1131349 March 2006
Chinese information retrieval based on terms and relevant terms 10.1145/1111667.1111675 September 2005
Buri: Scaling Big-Memory Computing with Hardware-Based Memory Expansion 10.1145/2808233 October 2015
Using a Hybrid Convolution Tree Kernel for Semantic Role Labeling 10.1145/1450295.1450298 November 2008
Topological relationships between complex spatial objects 10.1145/1132863.1132865 March 2006
Fast Crown Scheduling Heuristics for Energy-Efficient Mapping and Scaling of Moldable Streaming Tasks on Manycore Systems 10.1145/2687653 January 2015
Identifying Behavioral Strategies of Visually Impaired Users to Improve Access to Web Content 10.1145/1952388.1952390 April 2011
Is accessibility conformance an elusive property? A study of validity and reliability of WCAG 2.0 10.1145/2141943.2141946 March 2012
Uncovering Hierarchical and Overlapping Communities with a Local-First Approach 10.1145/2629511 October 2014
Data mining for discrimination discovery 10.1145/1754428.1754432 May 2010
Process Discovery under Precedence Constraints 10.1145/2710020 June 2015
Optimizing Text Quantifiers for Multivariate Loss Functions 10.1145/2700406 June 2015
Utility-Theoretic Ranking for Semiautomated Text Classification 10.1145/2742548 July 2015
Topic taxonomy adaptation for group profiling 10.1145/1324172.1324173 January 2008
Solving inverse frequent itemset mining with infrequency constraints via large-scale linear programs 10.1145/2541268.2541271 November 2013
Introduction to the Special Issue ACM SIGKDD 2013 10.1145/2700993 April 2015
Efficient algorithms for large-scale local triangle counting 10.1145/1839490.1839494 October 2010
Design trade-offs for search engine caching 10.1145/1409220.1409223 October 2008
DOLPHIN: An efficient algorithm for mining distance-based outliers in very large datasets 10.1145/1497577.1497581 March 2009
Nearest Neighbor-Based Classification of Uncertain Data 10.1145/2435209.2435210 March 2013
Toward Generalizing the Unification with Statistical Outliers: The Gradient Outlier Factor Measure 10.1145/2829956 February 2016
Detecting outlying properties of exceptional objects 10.1145/1508857.1508864 April 2009
Generating test cases for real-time systems from logic specifications 10.1145/210223.210226 Nov. 1995
A class of generalized stochastic Petri nets for the performance evaluation of multiprocessor systems 10.1145/190.191 May 1984
On the reliability of consensus-based fault-tolerant distributed computing systems 10.1145/29868.31332 Nov. 1987
Gossip-based aggregation in large dynamic networks 10.1145/1082469.1082470 August 2005
Multistep-ahead neural-network predictors for network traffic reduction in distributed interactive applications 10.1145/1276927.1276929 September 2007
Scalable fluid models and simulations for large-scale IP networks 10.1145/1010621.1010625 July 2004
On the processor scheduling problem in time warp synchronization 10.1145/643114.643115 July 2002
Comparing the QoS of Internet audio mechanisms via formal methods 10.1145/379525.379526 Jan. 2001
A qualitative simulation approach for fuzzy dynamical models 10.1145/200883.200884 Oct. 1994
Morphological Coevolution for Fluid Dynamical-Related Risk Mitigation 10.1145/2856694 February 2016
A New Algorithm for Simulating Wildfire Spread through Cellular Automata 10.1145/2043635.2043641 December 2011
Guests Editors’ Editorial Note on Special Issue ofAdvances in Cellular Automata Modeling 10.1145/2856511 February 2016
Efficient management of idleness in storage systems 10.1145/1534912.1534913 June 2009
Automated anomaly detection and performance modeling of enterprise applications 10.1145/1629087.1629089 November 2009
QRF: An Optimization-Based Framework for Evaluating Complex Stochastic Networks 10.1145/2724709 February 2016
Multimodal Presentation of Two-Dimensional Charts: An Investigation Using Open Office XML and Microsoft Excel 10.1145/1857920.1857925 November 2010
Constrained Community-Based Gene Regulatory Network Inference 10.1145/2688909 April 2015
Experimental analysis of dynamic all pairs shortest path algorithms 10.1145/1198513.1198519 October 2006
Resilient dictionaries 10.1145/1644015.1644016 December 2009
The string edit distance matching problem with moves 10.1145/1186810.1186812 February 2007
A data structure for a sequence of string accesses in external memory 10.1145/1186810.1186816 February 2007
Periodicity testing with sublinear samples and space 10.1145/1721837.1721859 March 2010
On distributing symmetric streaming computations 10.1145/1824777.1824786 August 2010
What's hot and what's not: tracking most frequent items dynamically 10.1145/1061318.1061325 March 2005
Estimating statistical aggregates on probabilistic data streams 10.1145/1412331.1412338 November 2008
Routing selfish unsplittable traffic 10.1145/1290672.1290689 November 2007
On the bicriteriak-server problem 10.1145/1868237.1868244 November 2010
The compressed permuterm index 10.1145/1868237.1868248 November 2010
No sorting? better searching! 10.1145/1328911.1328913 March 2008
Simultaneous PQ-Ordering with Applications to Constrained Embedding Problems 10.1145/2738054 February 2016
Testing Planarity of Partially Embedded Graphs 10.1145/2629341 June 2015
Fusing multiple video sensors for surveillance 10.1145/2071396.2071403 January 2012
A Semantic Web ontology for context-based classification and retrieval of music resources 10.1145/1152149.1152151 August 06
Content-based retrieval of 3D models 10.1145/1126004.1126006 February 2006
Robust tracking and remapping of eye appearance with passive computer vision 10.1145/1314303.1314305 December 2007
Introduction to the special section for the best papers of ACM multimedia 2008 10.1145/1556134.1556135 August 2009
Using geometric properties of topographic manifold to detect and track eyes for human-computer interaction 10.1145/1314303.1314306 December 2007
Video quality estimation in wireless IP networks: Algorithms and applications 10.1145/1324287.1324290 January 2008
A cognitive approach for effective coding and transmission of 3D video 10.1145/2037676.2037680 October 2011
User Preferences Modeling and Learning for Pleasing Photo Collage Generation 10.1145/2801126 August 2015
Segmentation of Discriminative Patches in Human Activity Video 10.1145/2750780 August 2015
Protecting the Content Integrity of Digital Imagery with Fidelity Preservation: An Improved Version 10.1145/2568224 April 2014
DIP: Distributed Identification of Polluters in P2P Live Streaming 10.1145/2568223 April 2014
Physical database design for relational databases 10.1145/42201.42205 March 1988
Estimating the cost of updates in a relational database 10.1145/3857.3863 June 1985
Properties and update semantics of consistent views 10.1145/49346.50068 Dec. 1988
RFID-data compression for supporting aggregate queries 10.1145/2487259.2487263 June 2013
The Complexity of the Nucleolus in Compact Games 10.1145/2692372.2692374 December 2014
Querying and repairing inconsistent numerical databases 10.1145/1735886.1735893 April 2010
Thepq-gram distance between ordered labeled trees 10.1145/1670243.1670247 February 2010
Top-k diversity queries over bounded regions 10.1145/2487259.2487262 June 2013
Proximity measures for rank join 10.1145/2109196.2109198 February 2012
Incorporating constraints in probabilistic XML 10.1145/1567274.1567280 August 2009
Rewriting queries with arbitrary aggregation functions using views 10.1145/1138394.1138400 June 2006
Solving queries by tree projections 10.1145/155271.155277 Sept. 1993
A characterization of globally consistent databases and their correct access paths 10.1145/319983.319988 June 1983
Testing implications of data dependencies 10.1145/320107.320115 Dec. 1979
Analyses of multi-level and multi-component compressed bitmap indexes 10.1145/1670243.1670245 February 2010
Optimizing bitmap indices with efficient compression 10.1145/1132863.1132864 March 2006
Efficient estimation of joint queries from multiple OLAP databases 10.1145/1206049.1206051 March 2007
Representing extended entity-relationship structures in relational databases: a modular approach 10.1145/132271.132273 Sept. 1992
Mining constraint violations 10.1145/1206049.1206055 March 2007
A dynamic hash method with signature 10.1145/114325.103714 June 1991
Formal semantics of SQL queries 10.1145/111197.111212 Sept. 1991
Updating relational databases through weak instance interfaces 10.1145/146931.146936 Dec. 1992
Automatic deduction of temporal information 10.1145/146931.146934 Dec. 1992
Constant-time-maintainable BCNF database schemes 10.1145/115302.115301 Dec. 1991
Efficient optimization of simple chase join expressions 10.1145/63500.63520 June 1989
A Join-Like Operator to Combine Data Cubes and Answer Queries from Multiple Data Cubes 10.1145/2638545 September 2014
GALILEO: a strongly-typed, interactive conceptual language 10.1145/3857.3859 June 1985
Fragmentation: a technique for efficient query processing 10.1145/5922.5638 June 1986
Buffer management in relational database systems 10.1145/7239.7336 Dec. 1986
Repair localization for query answering from inconsistent databases 10.1145/1366102.1366107 June 2008
Commutativity analysis for XML updates 10.1145/1412331.1412341 November 2008
Distributive join: a new algorithm for joining relations 10.1145/115302.115299 Dec. 1991
Correctness of query execution strategies in distributed databases 10.1145/319996.320009 Dec. 1983
Domination in the Probabilistic World: Computing Skylines for Arbitrary Correlations and Ranking Semantics 10.1145/2602135 May 2014
Efficient sort-based skyline evaluation 10.1145/1412331.1412343 November 2008
Searching in metric spaces with user-defined and approximate distances 10.1145/582410.582412 December 2002
Amalgamating knowledge bases 10.1145/176567.176571 June 1994
Flexible support for multiple access control policies 10.1145/383891.383894 June 2001
Probabilistic temporal databases, I: algebra 10.1145/383734.383736 March 2001
ProbView: a flexible probabilistic database system 10.1145/261124.261131 Sept. 1997
Implementing deductive databases by mixed integer programming 10.1145/232616.232691 June 1996
Efficient Multiview Maintenance under Insertion in Huge Social Networks 10.1145/2541290 March 2014
From Context to Distance: Learning Dissimilarity for Categorical Data Clustering 10.1145/2133360.2133361 March 2012
Theory of dependence values 10.1145/363951.363956 Sept. 2000
Foreword to special section on SIGMOD/PODS 2005 10.1145/1189769.1189776 December 2006
Tracing the lineage of view data in a warehousing environment 10.1145/357775.357777 June 2000
An algebraic approach to static analysis of active database rules 10.1145/363951.363954 Sept. 2000
Static analysis techniques for predicting the behavior of active database rules 10.1145/202106.202107 March 1995
Exploitingk-constraints to reduce memory overhead in continuous queries over data streams 10.1145/1016028.1016032 September 2004
Characterizing memory requirements for queries over continuous data streams 10.1145/974750.974756 March 2004
An efficient method for checking object-oriented database schema correctness 10.1145/293910.293152 Sept. 1998
Conceptual schema analysis: techniques and applications 10.1145/293910.293150 Sept. 1998
Distributed timestamp generation in planar lattice networks 10.1145/152864.152865 Aug. 1993
Achieving simultaneous distribution control and privacy protection for Internet media delivery 10.1145/1352012.1352013 May 2008
Encryption policies for regulating access to outsourced data 10.1145/1735886.1735891 April 2010
A note on estimating the cardinality of the projection of a database relation 10.1145/111197.111218 Sept. 1991
An adaptive data replication algorithm 10.1145/249978.249982 June 1997
Applying formal methods to semantic-based decomposition of transactions 10.1145/249978.249981 June 1997
Logical design for temporal databases with multiple granularities 10.1145/249978.249979 June 1997
Removing permissions in the flexible authorization framework 10.1145/937598.937599 September 2003
Integrating trust management and access control in data-intensive Web applications 10.1145/2180861.2180863 May 2012
LEAP+: Efficient security mechanisms for large-scale distributed sensor networks 10.1145/1218556.1218559 November 2006
Interleaved hop-by-hop authentication against false data injection attacks in sensor networks 10.1145/1267060.1267062 August 2007
Declustering of key-based partitioned signature files 10.1145/232753.232755 Sept. 1996
Shuffle Index: Efficient and Private Access to Outsourced Data 10.1145/2747878 November 2015
Automatic generation of production rules for integrity maintenance 10.1145/185827.185828 Sept. 1994
Modularization techniques for active rules design 10.1145/227604.227605 March 1996
A structured approach for the definition of the semantics of active databases 10.1145/219035.219042 Dec. 1995
Essential classification rule sets 10.1145/1042046.1042048 December 2004
On taxonomic reasoning in conceptual design 10.1145/132271.132272 Sept. 1992
Description logics for semantic query optimization in object-oriented database systems 10.1145/762471.762472 March 2003
Conceptual Development of Custom, Domain-Specific Mashup Platforms 10.1145/2628439 June 2014
Supporting the dynamic evolution of Web service protocols in service-oriented architectures 10.1145/1346237.1346241 April 2008
A Supervised Learning Approach to Protect Client Authentication on the Web 10.1145/2754933 June 2015
A UI-Centric Approach for the End-User Development of Multidevice Mashups 10.1145/2735632 June 2015
Models and framework for supporting runtime decisions in Web-based systems 10.1145/1377488.1377491 July 2008
A framework for QoS-based Web service contracting 10.1145/1541822.1541825 June 2009
Decoding the structure of the WWW: A comparative analysis of Web crawls 10.1145/1255438.1255442 August 2007
Contextual tag inference 10.1145/2037676.2037689 October 2011
Friendship prediction and homophily in social media 10.1145/2180861.2180866 May 2012
An access control model supporting periodicity constraints and temporal reasoning 10.1145/293910.293151 Sept. 1998
A model-driven methodology to the content layout problem in web applications 10.1145/2344416.2344417 September 2012
A test-based security certification scheme for web services 10.1145/2460383.2460384 May 2013
Virtual private social networks and a facebook implementation 10.1145/2516633.2516636 September 2013
XQBE(XQueryByExample): A visual interface to the standard XML query language 10.1145/1071610.1071613 June 2005
A bottom-up, knowledge-aware approach to integrating and querying web data services 10.1145/2493536 October 2013
Engineering rich internet applications with a model-driven approach 10.1145/1734200.1734204 April 2010
Declarative specification and verification of service choreographiess 10.1145/1658373.1658376 January 2010
Phrase detectives: Utilizing collective intelligence for internet-scale language resource creation 10.1145/2448116.2448119 April 2013
Interacting with social networks of intelligent things and people in the world of gastronomy 10.1145/2448116.2448120 April 2013
Task model-driven realization of interactive application functionality through services 10.1145/2559979 January 2014
Adaptive Body Gesture Representation for Automatic Emotion Recognition 10.1145/2818740 March 2016
A Stimulus-Response Framework for Robot Control 10.1145/2677198 January 2015
Special section from the ACM multimedia conference 2007 10.1145/1404880.1404881 October 2008
Affective Analysis of Professional and Amateur Abstract Paintings Using Statistical Analysis and Art Theory 10.1145/2768209 July 2015
A General-Purpose Sensing Floor Architecture for Human-Environment Interaction 10.1145/2751566 July 2015
Integration of Literature with Heterogeneous Information for Genes Correlation Scoring 10.1145/2504728 November 2013
High parallelism, portability, and broad accessibility: Technologies for genomics 10.1145/1330521.1330524 March 2008
Process Variability and Electrostatic Analysis of Molecular QCA 10.1145/2738041 August 2015
Modeling DVFS and Power-Gating Actuators for Cycle-Accurate NoC-Based Simulators 10.1145/2751561 September 2015
A survey of software aging and rejuvenation studies 10.1145/2539117 January 2014
A Hardware Viewpoint on Biosequence Analysis: What’s Next? 10.1145/2504774 November 2013
Asynchronous Solutions for Nanomagnetic Logic Circuits 10.1145/2043643.2043645 December 2011
Nanoarray architectures multilevel simulation 10.1145/2541882 January 2014
Design Options for Optical Ring Interconnect in Future Client Devices 10.1145/2602155 May 2014
Sensor activation and radius adaptation (SARA) in heterogeneous sensor networks 10.1145/2240092.2240098 July 2012
A game theory distributed approach for energy optimization in WSNs 10.1145/2489253.2489261 July 2013
A high-frequency sampling monitoring system for environmental and structural applications 10.1145/2489253.2489258 July 2013
The impact of quasi-equally spaced sensor topologies on signal reconstruction 10.1145/1689239.1689241 February 2010
Not all wireless sensor networks are created equal: A comparative study on tunnels 10.1145/1824766.1824771 August 2010
DICE: Monitoring Global Invariants with Wireless Sensor Networks 10.1145/2509434 June 2014
Optimal Radius for Connectivity in Duty-Cycled Wireless Sensor Networks 10.1145/2663353 February 2015
Staying Alive: System Design for Self-Sufficient Sensor Networks 10.1145/2700269 May 2015
On the Performance of Lossy Compression Schemes for Energy Constrained Sensor Networking 10.1145/2629660 November 2014
Continuous learning of compiler heuristics 10.1145/2400682.2400705 January 2013
Snap Rounding with Restore: An Algorithm for Producing Robust Geometric Datasets 10.1145/2811256 April 2016
Improving Multibank Memory Access Parallelism with Lattice-Based Partitioning 10.1145/2675359 January 2015
FLARES: An Aging Aware Algorithm to Autonomously Adapt the Error Correction Capability in NAND Flash Memories 10.1145/2631919 October 2014
Automated Fine-Grained CPU Provisioning for Virtual Machines 10.1145/2637480 October 2014
On How to Accelerate Iterative Stencil Loops: A Scalable Streaming-Based Approach 10.1145/2842615 January 2016
Instruction packing: Toward fast and energy-efficient instruction scheduling 10.1145/1138035.1138037 June 2006
Reducing register pressure in SMT processors through L2-miss-driven early register release 10.1145/1455650.1455652 November 2008
Reducing complexity of multiobjective design space exploration in VLIW-based embedded systems 10.1145/1400112.1400116 August 2008
Using MEMS-based storage in computer systems---device modeling and management 10.1145/1149976.1149978 May 2006
Storage performance virtualization via throughput and latency control 10.1145/1168910.1168913 August 2006
Thermal issues in disk drive design: Challenges and possible solutions 10.1145/1138041.1138044 February 2006
Aggressive Datacenter Power Provisioning with Batteries 10.1145/2427631.2427633 February 2013
Using MEMS-based storage in computer systems---MEMS storage architectures 10.1145/1138041.1138042 February 2006
Building MEMS-based storage systems for streaming media 10.1145/1242520.1242523 June 2007
POTSHARDS—a secure, recoverable, long-term archival storage system 10.1145/1534912.1534914 June 2009
Uncovering social network Sybils in the wild 10.1145/2556609 February 2014
Understanding latent interactions in online social networks 10.1145/2517040 October 2013
UFO: a personal global file system based on user-level extensions to the operating system 10.1145/290409.290410 Aug. 1998
Portable run-time support for dynamic object-oriented parallel processing 10.1145/227695.227696 May 1996
Smart packets: applying active networks to network management 10.1145/332799.332893 Feb. 2000
A VLSI layout for a pipelined Dadda multiplier 10.1145/357360.357366 May 1983
Shared resource matrix methodology: an approach to identifying storage and timing channels 10.1145/357369.357374 August 1983
Estimation of blocking probabilities in cellular networks with dynamic channel assignment 10.1145/511442.511445 January 2002
Experimental comparison of memory management policies for NUMA multiprocessors 10.1145/118544.118546 Nov. 1991
Analysis of bounded time warp and comparison with YAWNS 10.1145/240896.240913 Oct. 1996
Consistency maintenance in multiresolution simulation 10.1145/259207.259235 July 1997
A restricted multinomial hybrid selection procedure 10.1145/2567891 February 2014
An object-oriented approach to database system implementation 10.1145/319628.319645 Dec. 1981
Introduction to a system for distributed databases (SDD-1) 10.1145/320128.320129 March 1980
Implementing the data center energy productivity metric 10.1145/2367736.2367741 October 2012
Accelerated warmup for sampled microarchitecture simulation 10.1145/1061267.1061272 March 2005
Distilling the essence of proprietary workloads into miniature benchmarks 10.1145/1400112.1400115 August 2008
Statistical Debugging for Simulations 10.1145/2699722 May 2015
ConceVE: Conceptual modeling and formal validation for everyone 10.1145/2567897 February 2014
Indemics: An interactive high-performance computing framework for data-intensive epidemic modeling 10.1145/2501602 January 2014
Characterizing per-application network traffic using entropy 10.1145/2457459.2457463 May 2013
Minimizing total completion time on uniform machines with deadline constraints 10.1145/1125994.1126000 January 2006
Generic quantum Fourier transforms 10.1145/1198513.1198525 October 2006
Quantum algorithms for Simon's problem over nonabelian groups 10.1145/1644015.1644034 December 2009
On the difficulty of some shortest path problems 10.1145/1186810.1186815 February 2007
An explicit universal cycle for the (n-1)-permutations of ann-set 10.1145/1798596.1798598 June 2010
Approximating corridors and tours via restriction and relaxation techniques 10.1145/1798596.1798609 June 2010
Clustering, community partition and disjoint spanning trees 10.1145/1367064.1367075 June 2008
Mining Product Adopter Information from Online Reviews for Improving Product Recommendation 10.1145/2842629 February 2016
Semantics and feature discovery via confidence-based ensemble 10.1145/1062253.1062257 May 2005
Learning schema mappings 10.1145/2539032.2539035 November 2013
Data exchange: getting to the core 10.1145/1061318.1061323 March 2005
The Complexity of Mining Maximal Frequent Subgraphs 10.1145/2629550 December 2014
TuG synopses for approximate query answering 10.1145/1508857.1508860 April 2009
Optimal algorithms for evaluating rank joins in database systems 10.1145/1670243.1670249 February 2010
Designing fast architecture-sensitive tree search on modern multicore/many-core processors 10.1145/2043652.2043655 December 2011
An efficient and fault-tolerant solution for distributed mutual exclusion 10.1145/103727.103728 Feb. 1991
ElasTraS: An elastic, scalable, and self-managing transactional database for the cloud 10.1145/2445583.2445588 April 2013
An integrated efficient solution for computing frequent and top-kelements in data streams 10.1145/1166074.1166084 September 2006
Consistency and orderability: semantics-based correctness criteria for databases 10.1145/155271.155276 Sept. 1993
Optimal disk allocation for partial match queries 10.1145/151284.151288 March 1993
Safety and translation of relational calculus 10.1145/114325.103712 June 1991
Multikey access methods based on superimposed coding techniques 10.1145/32204.32222 Dec. 1987
Partial-match retrieval using hashing and descriptors 10.1145/319996.320006 Dec. 1983
Recursive linear hashing 10.1145/1270.1285 Sept. 1984
Efficient online index construction for text databases 10.1145/1386118.1386125 August 2008
Inverted files versus signature files for text indexing 10.1145/296854.277632 Dec. 1998
Chinese OOV translation and post-translation query expansion in chinese--english cross-lingual information retrieval 10.1145/1105696.1105697 June 2005
An implementation technique for database query languages 10.1145/319702.319711 June 1982
The Augmented Web: Rationales, Opportunities, and Challenges on Browser-Side Transcoding 10.1145/2735633 May 2015
A language for end-user web augmentation: Caring for producers and consumers alike 10.1145/2460383.2460388 May 2013
Beyond Social Graphs: User Interactions in Online Social Networks and their Implications 10.1145/2382616.2382620 November 2012
Over twenty years of eigenfaces 10.1145/2490824 October 2013
Reliability analysis for flexible electronics: Case study of integrated a-Si:H TFT scan driver 10.1145/1389089.1389092 August 2008
Multiple-Target Tracking With Binary Proximity Sensors 10.1145/1993042.1993047 August 2011
Localization with sparse acoustic sensor network using UAVs as information-seeking data mules 10.1145/2480730.2480733 May 2013
Target tracking with binary proximity sensors 10.1145/1614379.1614382 November 2009
Design, implementation, and evaluation of EnviroMic: A storage-centric audio sensor network 10.1145/1525856.1525860 May 2009
Algorithms for center and Tverberg points 10.1145/1435375.1435380 November 2008
Catching elephants with mice: Sparse sampling for monitoring sensor networks 10.1145/1653760.1653761 December 2009
A model framework for greedy routing in a sensor network with a stochastic power scheme 10.1145/1921621.1921628 February 2011
Incremental maintenance of shortest distance and transitive closure in first-order logic and SQL 10.1145/1093382.1093384 September 2005
A speech synthesizer for Persian text using a neural network with a smooth ergodic HMM 10.1145/1066078.1066081 March 2005
A Reexamination of MRD-Based Word Sense Disambiguation 10.1145/1731035.1731039 March 2010
Memory optimization of dynamic binary translators for embedded systems 10.1145/2355585.2355595 September 2012
An approach toward profit-driven optimization 10.1145/1162690.1162691 September 2006
CAVA: Using checkpoint-assisted value prediction to hide L2 misses 10.1145/1138035.1138038 June 2006
Section-Based Program Analysis to Reduce Overhead of Detecting Unsynchronized Thread Communication 10.1145/2766451 July 2015
Managing Mismatches in Voltage Stacking with CoreUnfolding 10.1145/2835178 January 2016
Exploring the vulnerability of CMPs to soft errors with 3D stacked nonvolatile memory 10.1145/2491679 September 2013
A Synthesis Algorithm for Reconfigurable Single-Electron Transistor Arrays 10.1145/2422094.2422099 February 2013
Design space exploration for 3D architectures 10.1145/1148015.1148016 April 2006
Editorial: Special issue on 3D integrated circuits and microarchitectures 10.1145/1412587.1412588 October 2008
Scan-chain design and optimization for three-dimensional integrated circuits 10.1145/1543438.1543442 July 2009
Testable cross-power domain interface (CPDI) circuit design in monolithic 3D technology 10.1145/2629516 September 2014
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Optimizing GPU energy efficiency with 3D die-stacking graphics memory and reconfigurable memory interface 10.1145/2541228.2541231 December 2013
Finding thekshortest simple paths: A new algorithm and its implementation 10.1145/1290672.1290682 November 2007
Detecting cuts in sensor networks 10.1145/1340771.1340776 March 2008
Formulating and implementing profiling over adaptive ranges 10.1145/1369396.1369398 May 2008
A Hierarchical Thread Scheduler and Register File for Energy-Efficient Throughput Processors 10.1145/2166879.2166882 April 2012
Merging path and gshare indexing in perceptron branch prediction 10.1145/1089008.1089011 September 2005
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Profile-based adaptation for cache decay 10.1145/1022969.1022972 September 2004
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Fast and efficient searches for effective optimization-phase sequences 10.1145/1071604.1071607 June 2005
Practical exhaustive optimization phase order exploration and evaluation 10.1145/1509864.1509865 March 2009
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High-level interconnect model for the quantum logic array architecture 10.1145/1330521.1330522 March 2008
Minos: Architectural support for protecting control data 10.1145/1187976.1187977 December 2006
Exploring the limits of leakage power reduction in caches 10.1145/1089008.1089009 September 2005
Bit-split string-matching engines for intrusion detection and prevention 10.1145/1132462.1132464 March 2006
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The measured performance of personal computer operating systems 10.1145/225535.225536 Feb. 1996
Implementing public-key infrastructure for sensor networks 10.1145/1387663.1387668 August 2008
Managing bounded code caches in dynamic binary optimization systems 10.1145/1162690.1162692 September 2006
Eliminating voltage emergencies via software-guided code transformations 10.1145/1839667.1839674 September 2010
The design, implementation, and evaluation of adaptive code unloading for resource-constrained devices 10.1145/1071604.1071606 June 2005
The single-referent collector: Optimizing compaction for the common case 10.1145/1596510.1596513 October 2009
Investigating the effects of fine-grain three-dimensional integration on microarchitecture design 10.1145/1412587.1412590 October 2008
Utilizing RF-I and intelligent scheduling for better throughput/watt in a mobile GPU memory system 10.1145/2086696.2086730 January 2012
Stream arbitration: Towards efficient bandwidth utilization for emerging on-chip interconnects 10.1145/2400682.2400719 January 2013
Accelerating Divergent Applications on SIMD Architectures Using Neural Networks 10.1145/2717311 April 2015
DEFCAM: A design and evaluation framework for defect-tolerant cache memories 10.1145/2019608.2019616 October 2011
Error/Erasure-Resilient and Complexity-Constrained Zero-Delay Distributed Coding for Large-Scale Sensor Networks 10.1145/2663352 February 2015
Dynamic Networked Coverage of Time-Varying Environments in the Presence of Fading Communication Channels 10.1145/2594769 April 2014
Multicamera video summarization and anomaly detection from activity motifs 10.1145/2530285 January 2014
Calibrating a wide-area camera network with non-overlapping views using mobile devices 10.1145/2530284 January 2014
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Energy-efficient link-layer jamming attacks against wireless sensor network MAC protocols 10.1145/1464420.1464426 February 2009
Energy-conserving data cache placement in sensor networks 10.1145/1105688.1105690 November 2005
Maximum likelihood analysis of conflicting observations in social sensing 10.1145/2530289 January 2014
SmartRoad: Smartphone-Based Crowd Sensing for Traffic Regulator Detection and Identification 10.1145/2770876 December 2015
BISC: A bitmap itemset support counting approach for efficient frequent itemset mining 10.1145/1839490.1839493 October 2010
Performance evaluation of the Orca shared-object system 10.1145/273011.273014 Feb. 1998
FLIP: an internetwork protocol for supporting distributed systems 10.1145/151250.151253 Feb. 1993
A Differential Approach to Undefined Behavior Detection 10.1145/2699678 March 2015
Fast and secure distributed read-only file system 10.1145/505452.505453 February 2002
Decay-usage scheduling in multiprocessors 10.1145/292523.292535 Nov. 1998
Cluster communication protocols for parallel-programming systems 10.1145/1012268.1012269 August 2004
A SMART scheduler for multimedia applications 10.1145/762483.762484 May 2003
Sample-based estimation of correlation ratio with polynomial approximation 10.1145/1315575.1315578 December 2007
Gradient estimation for a class of systems with bulk services: A problem in public transportation 10.1145/1540530.1540534 June 2009
Setwise and filtered gibbs samplers for teletraffic analysis 10.1145/1734222.1734223 April 2010
Analysis of state-independent importance-sampling measures for the two-node tandem queue 10.1145/1147224.1147226 July 2006
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Modeling of discrete event systems: A holistic and incremental approach using Petri nets 10.1145/1029174.1029178 October 2004
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Declaration of unknowns in DAE-based hybrid system specification 10.1145/778553.778555 January 2003
Packet delay in models of data networks 10.1145/502109.502110 July 2001
A Bernoulli factory 10.1145/175007.175019 April 1994
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Job completion time on a virtualized server with software rejuvenation 10.1145/2539121 January 2014
A Large-Deviation-Based Splitting Estimation of Power Flow Reliability 10.1145/2875342 March 2016
Model Continuity in Discrete Event Simulation: A Framework for Model-Driven Development of Simulation Models 10.1145/2699714 May 2015
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Gradient estimation for discrete-event systems by measure-valued differentiation 10.1145/1667072.1667077 January 2010
Online topological ordering 10.1145/1159892.1159896 July 2006
Fast Zeta Transforms for Lattices with Few Irreducibles 10.1145/2629429 February 2016
Dial a Ride fromk-forest 10.1145/1721837.1721857 March 2010
Robust and MaxMin Optimization under Matroid and Knapsack Uncertainty Sets 10.1145/2746226 February 2016
Minimum Makespan Multi-Vehicle Dial-a-Ride 10.1145/2629653 January 2015
Better Scalable Algorithms for Broadcast Scheduling 10.1145/2636916 October 2014
Socializing by Gaming: Revealing Social Relationships in Multiplayer Online Games 10.1145/2736698 October 2015
Procedural content generation for games: A survey 10.1145/2422956.2422957 February 2013
Area of Simulation: Mechanism and Architecture for Multi-Avatar Virtual Environments 10.1145/2764463 August 2015
Learning rich semantics from news video archives by style analysis 10.1145/1142020.1142021 May 2006
Selecting vantage objects for similarity indexing 10.1145/2000486.2000490 August 2011
Optimization of interactive visual-similarity-based search 10.1145/1324287.1324294 January 2008
Interactive TV narratives: Opportunities, progress, and challenges 10.1145/1412196.1412198 October 2008
Introduction to special issue: Human-centered television—directions in interactive digital television research 10.1145/1412196.1412197 October 2008
Fragment, tag, enrich, and send: Enhancing social sharing of video 10.1145/1556134.1556136 August 2009
On the query complexity of testing orientations for being Eulerian 10.1145/2151171.2151178 April 2012
Sound 3-Query PCPPs Are Long 10.1145/1595391.1595394 September 2009
Deciding Determinism with Fairness for Simple Transducer Networks 10.1145/2757215 June 2015
Weaker Forms of Monotonicity for Declarative Networking: A More Fine-Grained Answer to the CALM-Conjecture 10.1145/2809784 February 2016
A quantitative comparison of parallel computation models 10.1145/290409.290412 Aug. 1998
Reducing Layered Database Applications to their Essence through Vertical Integration 10.1145/2818180 October 2015
Data allocation in distributed database systems 10.1145/44498.45063 Sept. 1988
An architecture for recycling intermediates in a column-store 10.1145/1862919.1862921 November 2010
The data cyclotron query processing scheme 10.1145/2043652.2043660 December 2011
Conditional XPath 10.1145/1114244.1114247 December 2005
Expressive power of an algebra for data mining 10.1145/1189769.1189770 December 2006
Converting nested algebra expressions into flat algebra expressions 10.1145/128765.128768 March 1992
Applying an update method to a set of receivers 10.1145/383734.383735 March 2001
View updates in relational databases with an independent scheme 10.1145/77643.77645 March 1990
Expressiveness and complexity of XML publishing transducers 10.1145/1412331.1412337 November 2008
Compromising statistical databases responding to queries about means 10.1145/319830.319834 March 1983
Answering queries without revealing secrets 10.1145/319830.319833 March 1983
Tight upper bounds on the number of candidate patterns 10.1145/1071610.1071611 June 2005
Introduction to the PODS 2006 special section 10.1145/1292609.1292614 November 2007
A Formal Account of the Open Provenance Model 10.1145/2734116 May 2015
Semantic content-based recommendation of software services using context 10.1145/2516633.2516639 September 2013
Flexible Construction of Executable Service Compositions from Reusable Semantic Knowledge 10.1145/2842628 February 2016
An analysis of input-output relations in interaction with smart tangible objects 10.1145/2499474.2499478 July 2013
Iterative Design and Field Trial of an Aphasia-Friendly Email Tool 10.1145/2790305 November 2015
Interactive Statistics withIllmo 10.1145/2509108 April 2014
Survey and benchmark of block ciphers for wireless sensor networks 10.1145/1138127.1138130 February 2006
Analyzing MAC protocols for low data-rate applications 10.1145/1824766.1824775 August 2010
Efficient Cluster Mobility Support for TDMA-Based MAC Protocols in Wireless Sensor Networks 10.1145/2594793 June 2014
A Distributed Reconfiguration Approach for Quality-of-Service Provisioning in Dynamic Heterogeneous Wireless Sensor Networks 10.1145/2663354 February 2015
Rich results from poor resources: NTCIR-4 monolingual and cross-lingual retrieval of korean texts using chinese and english 10.1145/1105696.1105700 June 2005
Algorithmic species: A classification of affine loop nests for parallel programming 10.1145/2400682.2400699 January 2013
R-GPU: A Reconfigurable GPU Architecture 10.1145/2890506 April 2016
An energy-efficient method of supporting flexible special instructions in an embedded processor with compact ISA 10.1145/2509420.2509426 September 2013
Bones: An Automatic Skeleton-Based C-to-CUDA Compiler for GPUs 10.1145/2665079 January 2015
Making wide-issue VLIW processors viable on FPGAs 10.1145/2086696.2086712 January 2012
An architecture-independent instruction shuffler to protect against side-channel attacks 10.1145/2086696.2086699 January 2012
Virtual Ways: Low-Cost Coherence for Instruction Set Extensions with Architecturally Visible Storage 10.1145/2576877 June 2014
A system architecture, processor, and communication protocol for secure implants 10.1145/2541228.2555313 December 2013
Versatility of extended subwords and the matrix register file 10.1145/1369396.1369401 May 2008
Inter-cluster communication in VLIW architectures 10.1145/1250727.1250731 June 2007
Optimal DPM and DVFS for frame-based real-time systems 10.1145/2400682.2400700 January 2013
Development of a Remote Therapy Tool for Childhood Apraxia of Speech 10.1145/2776895 November 2015
Identifying Sign Language Videos in Video Sharing Sites 10.1145/2579698 March 2014
DISP: Practical, efficient, secure and fault-tolerant distributed data storage 10.1145/1044956.1044960 February 2005
Understanding latent sector errors and how to protect against them 10.1145/1837915.1837917 September 2010
Scalable on-demand media streaming for heterogeneous clients 10.1145/1404880.1404888 October 2008
Characterizing Web Censorship Worldwide: Another Look at the OpenNet Initiative Data 10.1145/2700339 January 2015
Characterizing Organizational Use of Web-Based Services: Methodology, Challenges, Observations, and Insights 10.1145/2019643.2019646 October 2011
A five-year study of file-system metadata 10.1145/1288783.1288788 October 2007
A study of practical deduplication 10.1145/2078861.2078864 January 2012
Improving Top-N Recommendation for Cold-Start Users via Cross-Domain Information 10.1145/2724720 June 2015
Tree model guided candidate generation for mining frequent subtrees from XML documents 10.1145/1376815.1376818 July 2008
Joint cluster analysis of attribute data and relationship data: The connectedk-center problem, algorithms and applications 10.1145/1376815.1376816 July 2008
Semantic text similarity using corpus-based word similarity and string similarity 10.1145/1376815.1376819 July 2008
On disclosure risk analysis of anonymized itemsets in the presence of prior knowledge 10.1145/1409620.1409623 October 2008
Discovering Knowledge-Sharing Communities in Question-Answering Forums 10.1145/1870096.1870099 December 2010
Refining Social Graph Connectivity via Shortcut Edge Addition 10.1145/2757281 October 2015
Comprehensive formal verification of an OS microkernel 10.1145/2560537 February 2014
A Scalable Lock Manager for Multicores 10.1145/2691190.2691192 December 2014
Specifying and using a partitionable group communication service 10.1145/377769.377776 May 2001
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Scalable and fault-tolerant support for variable bit-rate data in the exedra streaming server 10.1145/1111609.1111611 November 2005
HFS: a performance-oriented flexible file system based on building-block compositions 10.1145/263326.263356 Aug. 1997
Experience distributing objects in an SMMP OS 10.1145/1275517.1275518 August 2007
Adaptable concurrency control for atomic data types 10.1145/146937.146939 Aug. 1992
Chores: enhanced run-time support for shared-memory parallel computing 10.1145/151250.151251 Feb. 1993
Optimizing Storage Performance for VM-Based Mobile Computing 10.1145/2465346.2465348 May 2013
Energy-Oriented Partial Desktop Virtual Machine Migration 10.1145/2699683 March 2015
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Monitoring distributed systems 10.1145/13677.22723 May 1987
Parallel shared-memory simulator performance for large ATM networks 10.1145/369534.369537 Oct. 2000
Specifying memory consistency of write buffer multiprocessors 10.1145/1189736.1189737 February 2007
Nonblocking memory management support for dynamic-sized data structures 10.1145/1062247.1062249 May 2005
MIDDLE-R: Consistent database replication at the middleware level 10.1145/1113574.1113576 November 2005
Atomicity and isolation for transactional processes 10.1145/507234.507236 March 2002
A new approach to developing and implementing eager database replication protocols 10.1145/363951.363955 Sept. 2000
Are quorums an alternative for data replication? 10.1145/937598.937601 September 2003
A framework for the simulation of structural software evolution 10.1145/1391978.1391983 September 2008
An adaptive approach to accelerated evaluation of highly available services 10.1145/1315575.1315576 December 2007
FISTE: A black box approach for end-to-end QoS management 10.1145/1596519.1596521 October 2009
Fast simulation of networks of queues with effective and decoupling bandwidths 10.1145/301677.301684 Jan. 1999
Guest editors' introduction: Special issue on modeling and simulation of cross-layer interactions in communication networks 10.1145/1870085.1870086 December 2010
Perfect sampling for queues and network models 10.1145/1122012.1122016 January 2006
Calculation of confidence intervals for simulation output 10.1145/1029174.1029176 October 2004
Simulating markov-reward processes with rare events 10.1145/1060576.1060578 April 2005
Guest editorial: Special issue on computer automated multi-paradigm modeling 10.1145/643120.643121 October 2002
Navigating tomorrow's web: From searching and browsing to visual exploration 10.1145/2344416.2344420 September 2012
Fast simulation of broadband telecommunications networks carrying long-range dependent bursty traffic 10.1145/502109.502112 July 2001
Optimal scheduling in high-speed downlink packet access networks 10.1145/1870085.1870088 December 2010
A knowledge-based approach for the validation of simulation models: the foundation 10.1145/229493.229511 Jan. 1996
Radix-bextensions to some common empirical tests for pseudorandom number generators 10.1145/240896.240906 Oct. 1996
Random variate generation for exponentially and polynomially tilted stable distributions 10.1145/1596519.1596523 October 2009
Random variate generation for multivariate unimodal densities 10.1145/268403.268413 Oct. 1997
Generating triangulations at random 10.1145/189443.189446 July 1994
Modeling and simulation of SIP tandem server with finite buffer 10.1145/1899396.1899399 February 2011
Succinct geometric indexes supporting point location queries 10.1145/2151171.2151173 April 2012
Entropy, triangulation, and point location in planar subdivisions 10.1145/2229163.2229173 July 2012
An FPTAS for the minimum total weighted tardiness problem with a fixed number of distinct due dates 10.1145/2344422.2344430 September 2012
Diversionary Comments under Blog Posts 10.1145/2789211 October 2015
Energy-efficient data gathering in wireless sensor networks with asynchronous sampling 10.1145/1754414.1754418 June 2010
Succinct ordinal trees based on tree covering 10.1145/2344422.2344432 September 2012
Succinct indexable dictionaries with applications to encodingk-ary trees, prefix sums and multisets 10.1145/1290672.1290680 November 2007
Succinct indexes for strings, binary relations and multilabeled trees 10.1145/2000807.2000820 September 2011
Bipartite roots of graphs 10.1145/1150334.1150337 April 2006
Optimally scheduling video-on-demand to minimize delay when sender and receiver bandwidth may differ 10.1145/1198513.1198523 October 2006
Multicommodity demand flow in a tree and packing integer programs 10.1145/1273340.1273343 August 2007
Replacement Paths and Distance Sensitivity Oracles via Fast Matrix Multiplication 10.1145/2438645.2438646 March 2013
Approximation algorithms and hardness results for cycle packing problems 10.1145/1290672.1290685 November 2007
Fast sparse matrix multiplication 10.1145/1077464.1077466 July 2005
Finding heaviestH-subgraphs in real weighted graphs, with applications 10.1145/1798596.1798597 June 2010
Approximating the Diameter of Planar Graphs in Near Linear Time 10.1145/2764910 February 2016
Frugal path mechanisms 10.1145/1186810.1186813 February 2007
Facility location with hierarchical facility costs 10.1145/1721837.1721853 March 2010
Generating rooted and free plane trees 10.1145/1125994.1125995 January 2006
A fast algorithm to generate open meandric systems and meanders 10.1145/1721837.1721858 March 2010
Exact distribution of individual displacements in linear probing hashing 10.1145/1103963.1103965 October 2005
Adaptive sampling strategies for quickselects 10.1145/1798596.1798606 June 2010
Lower-bounded facility location 10.1145/1824777.1824789 August 2010
How well can primal-dual and local-ratio algorithms perform? 10.1145/1978782.1978784 July 2011
Carry propagation in multiplication by constants 10.1145/2000807.2000822 September 2011
Extendible hashing—a fast access method for dynamic files 10.1145/320083.320092 Sept. 1979
Approximate distance oracles for geometric spanners 10.1145/1328911.1328921 March 2008
Improved algorithms for optimal embeddings 10.1145/1383369.1383376 August 2008
The relative worst order ratio applied to seat reservation 10.1145/1383369.1383379 August 2008
Jitter regulation for multiple streams 10.1145/1644015.1644027 December 2009
Bicriteria approximation tradeoff for the node-cost budget problem 10.1145/1497290.1497295 March 2009
Faster approximation schemes for fractional multicommodity flow problems 10.1145/1328911.1328924 March 2008
A better approximation ratio for the vertex cover problem 10.1145/1597036.1597045 October 2009
Sparse Sums of Positive Semidefinite Matrices 10.1145/2746241 February 2016
Faster Algorithms for Semi-Matching Problems 10.1145/2601071 June 2014
Weighted popular matchings 10.1145/2556951 January 2014
Packing element-disjoint steiner trees 10.1145/1290672.1290684 November 2007
Minimizing movement in mobile facility location problems 10.1145/1978782.1978783 July 2011
A logarithmic approximation for unsplittable flow on line graphs 10.1145/2532645 January 2014
An approximation algorithm for the maximum leaf spanning arborescence problem 10.1145/1798596.1798599 June 2010
Approximating Rooted Steiner Networks 10.1145/2650183 November 2014
Sparse transfer learning for interactive video search reranking 10.1145/2240136.2240139 July 2012
Image search—from thousands to billions in 20 years 10.1145/2490823 October 2013
An automated end-to-end lecture capture and broadcasting system 10.1145/1324287.1324293 January 2008
Automatic Generation of Visual-Textual Presentation Layout 10.1145/2818709 March 2016
Human perception of haptic-to-video and haptic-to-audio skew in multimedia applications 10.1145/2457450.2457451 May 2013
Multifeature analysis and semantic context learning for image classification 10.1145/2457450.2457454 May 2013
Robust content-based MPEG-4 XMT scene structure authentication and multimedia content location 10.1145/1236471.1236477 August 2007
EDITORIAL The birth of the ACM transactions on multimedia computing, communications and applications (TOMCCAP) 10.1145/1047936.1047937 February 2005
An assessment of eye-gaze potential within immersive virtual environments 10.1145/1314303.1314311 December 2007
The conductor interaction method 10.1145/1314303.1314312 December 2007
Optimal layered multicast 10.1145/1925101.1925102 February 2011
Low-latency adaptive streaming over tcp 10.1145/1386109.1386113 August 2008
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Image Enhancement in Encrypted Domain over Cloud 10.1145/2656205 January 2015
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PROPANE: A Progressive Panorama Streaming Protocol to Support Interactive 3D Virtual Environment Exploration on Graphics-Constrained Devices 10.1145/2602222 August 2014
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Decoder-Complexity-Aware Encoding of Motion Compensation for Multiple Heterogeneous Receivers 10.1145/2700300 February 2015
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Key predistribution using combin